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Wayfinder Catalog Officially Discontinued

Due to low usage, the Washington State Library discontinued LSTA funding for Wayfinder: The Catalog of Washington Libraries. It is our understanding that OCLC has removed or will remove Wayfinder from the FirstSearch interface, and it will presumably not be available on the new interface that replaces FirstSearch. However, as of July 2014, Wayfinder and all of its various scopes were still available for public searching at http://wayfinder.worldcat.org.

OCLC Pricing

For fiscal year 2015 (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015), the OCLC Board of Trustees approved a 3% price increase. Individual member libraries should have received offical pricing letters earlier in the year.

For fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014), the OCLC Board of Trustees approved a 2.75% increase in prices for all OCLC products and services. This was the second year in a row with the same increase, after three years with zero increases.

Libraries participating in Washington Group Services saw a decrease in OCLC costs for Cataloging, Resource Sharing/ILL, and Access for the 2009-2010 fiscal year which began July 1, 2009. The average decrease was 2.45%, with most libraries seeing a drop of at least 2% in basic OCLC service costs, some more.

Libraries purchasing WorldCat subscriptions through Washington Group Services saw a 4-5% decrease in those costs as well. The costs for libraries renewing through the Pacific Northwest FirstSearch Group remained level.

OCLC had previously announced zero price increases for the 2009-2010 fiscal year, but the implementation of “end-user pricing” reduced surcharges, resulting in lower prices for libraries.

OCLC Launches New ILL Service

OCLC has announced that the current WorldCat Resource Sharing interlibrary loan (ILL) service is being replaced by a new service, OCLC WorldShare™ Interlibrary Loan, in 2013. WorldShare™ Interlibrary Loan will deliver new and expanded functionality that supports evolving workflow changes such as the option to purchase needed materials instead of borrow them.

New Transition Schedule Announced

October, 2013: OCLC has just announced a new schedule for the transition. In response to requests from many members of the OCLC resource sharing community, OCLC has extended access to WorldCat Resource Sharing (WCRS) through May 19, 2014. The new transition schedule provides additional time for ILL staffs to fully learn the new WorldShare ILL service while retaining access to WCRS.

For more information on the revised transition schedule, and for a description of recent new features and enhancements added to WorldShare ILL, please refer to this news bulletin from OCLC: OCLC WorldCat ILL News Bulletin

For the latest information, please carefuly read OCLC's Updated install message for WA Libraries. Here is an even later update with additional information: June 2013 release message for Washington.

The new service was released in March 2013. From then until May, 2014, the WorldCat Resource Sharing and WorldShare Interlibrary Loan services will operate in parallel. The new WorldShare ILL transition dates are:

  • End of placing new requests in WorldCat Resource Sharing: April 14, 2014
  • End of access to WorldCat Resource Sharing: May 19, 2014

The following transition schedule for Wayfinder partner libraries, i.e., Washington libraries currently enrolled in the Washington OCLC Group Services contract has been planned with consideration for seasonal activity levels by library type:

  • Public libraries: March and April 2013;
  • Academic and school libraries: July and August 2013;

Other libraries should contact OCLC for information on their migration and training schedules.

Note re ILLiad libraries: OCLC has indicated that ILLiad libraries will migrate later, in the summer, not with the rest of Washington Group Services public libraries. ILLiad libraries have been sent direct messaging from OCLC regarding their migration schedule, and should follow those instructions instead of the ones posted here.

Tip of the Week: Updating Your Constant Data Settings: Worldshare ILL Tip

To access all of the OCLC Tip of the Week messages, visit the OCLC Web site.

Getting Started

There are three steps to getting started with your library's migration to the new OCLC WorldShare™ Interlibrary Loan system.

  1. Register your library
  2. Establish new user accounts
  3. Consult WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Training and Documentation

For assistance and links to help you with all three steps, please carefully read OCLC's Launch of WorldShare Interlibrary Loan message Washington (PDF) document. For training, read on below:

WorldShare™ Interlibrary Loan Training Information

OCLC has announced three training sessions for Washington Group Services (WGS) member libraries. Each session will begin at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time, and last approximately 2 hours. Training sessions for public and special libraries were scheduled in early April. Sessions for WGS academic libraries are scheduled in mid-July.

Training for WGS Public and Special Libraries:

The last specially scheduled training sessions for libraries in Washington State were held in July. Archived recordings of these sessions, as well as session handouts are available via the links below:

Borrowing Class:


Lending Class:


Additional self-paced options are available for those unable to attend these specific sessions.More information is available on the OCLC Self-Paced Training page.

Links and Contacts for WorldShare™ ILL Migration Information

For more information:

Will Stuivenga
Cooperative Projects Manager
Washington State Library

Wayfinder on WorldCat

Wayfinder: The Catalog of Washington Libraries is available for searching on the WorldCat.org platform. This user-friendly interface is now available for libraries and their patrons. The URL for Wayfinder on WorldCat.org is wayfinder.worldcat.org.

Wayfinder Search Box Widget

Libraries may embed a Wayfinder search box on any web page, anywhere, using code that is available from OCLC. Two formats are available, a vertical format and a horizontal format. Visit http://wayfinder.worldcat.org/tools/searchBoxHTML to access the code.

We have also created an alternate version of the search box which incorporates the Wayfinder logo. That version of the widget, and the script code to create it are available here.

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