Professional Development (PD) Grants

We are phasing out our current Continuing Education (CE) grants. Professional Development (PD) grants will replace CE grants. These new grants use a revised process for applying, reporting, and claiming reimbursement. There are some major changes.

Applying for PD Grants

Only libraries may apply for grants. Individuals can no longer apply. Qualifying libraries include public libraries, schools and their school libraries, academic institutions and their libraries, Tribal libraries, and non-profit institutions and their libraries.

Types of PD Grants

Libraries can apply for two types of PD grants:

Either a library or their parent institution, depending on their structure, has the authority to apply for these grants and receive reimbursements. In either case, only libraries and library staff are eligible to use the grants. If branches of a library or library system apply, they are considered part of a single library for award limits. Public libraries serving a population of less than 5,000 are eligible for a waiver of the required match.


The applicant library claims reimbursement. Reimbursements are made directly to that library. This represents a major shift in the way we make reimbursements. There are no changes in what can be claimed or the documentation required.

Finally, we require both a narrative and a visual report. You will complete your narrative evaluation in a Survey Monkey questionnaire. Your visual report must be a short, original item that can be shared. Acceptable presentation styles include Prezi, PowerPoint or a video that we may post online. The Grant Manager must approve all reports and visual projects before reimbursement can be processed.

Criteria and Help for Visual Presentation:

The visual presentation is to share what we learn at professional development events. The presentation should articulate why you attended the event, what you learned and how it will benefit your end users. (There is no requirement for images of the actual training event.)

These presentations may be shared on WSL social media.

The presentation should be 2 to 5 minutes or 6-10 slides. An example video and instructional handout Adobe Reader - Click to Download are available.

One way to identify images with permissions is through Creative Commons. Additional information on copyright is available here:

Examples of Visual Presentations: Coming soon

Applications will be received and processed until funds are exhausted.

CE grants awarded prior to April 1, 2015 will not be effected. Recipients will attend events and submit claims and reports as usual.

Feedback We encourage your feedback. If you have comments or suggestions, please use our feedback form.

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