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Library Council of Washington
The Library Council of Washington advises the State Librarian and the Office of the Secretary of State on statewide library issues and the expenditure of federal funds.

LSTA Background
An overview of the Library Services and Technology Act.

Washington State LSTA Five Year Plan 2013 – 2017 Adobe Reader - Click to Download—Accepted by IMLS, September 24, 2012
The LSTA Five-Year Plan 2013 – 2017 has recently been submitted to the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for their review and approval. IMLS may return the plan with comments for further consideration or they may approve the plan without comment. An approved plan will become effective on October 1, 2012. This plan guides the activities to be conducted for federal LSTA awards given out from federal fiscal year 2013 through federal fiscal year 2017.

LSTA Five-Year Evaluation 2008 through 2012 Adobe Reader - Click to Download—Accepted by IMLS, August 13, 2012
In accordance with IMLS guidelines and LSTA regulations, a study of Washington state's LSTA program is being developed by the University of Washington Information School, US Impact Study Team and is available for download. The LSTA Five-Year Plan Evaluation reviews the activities used to implement the LSTA Five-Year Plan 2008 – 2012.

Statewide Vision for Washington Libraries Adobe Reader - Click to Download
As a precursor to the development of the LSTA Five-Year Plan for 2008 - 2012, a more general statewide plan and vision was developed that provided guidance to Washington libraries as they worked collaboratively to achieve mutually supportive goals. Much of this vision remains valid during the current period.

The Statewide Vision is a document that grew from the discussions at the four future search conferences held in February 2007 in Everett, Kennewick, Olympia, and Spokane. It is a summation of the vision of the participants of those conferences. The activities/objectives which are found within the vision are to be accomplished at many levels, local, regional, and state. Not every significant library service or issue is included in this plan – only those that are deemed most critical to the future of libraries or which have not yet been fully realized.

Annual report on the use of 2010 LSTA funding Adobe Reader - Click to Download
Each year the Washington State Library submits an annual report on the use of LSTA funding to the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The 2010 report was submitted to the Institute of Museum and Library Services in December 2011 and is the latest report available. For more details on programs funded by LSTA monies, please visit our Services for Libraries site.


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Funded in part by the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA).