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  • The good ol’ card catalog. How we miss it? The card catalog was a dominant technology for several centuries harkening back to the French Revolution when after raiding religious houses of their books and manuscripts the revolutionaries... MORE »
  • Washington State’s newest public library branch can be found inside the Lind-Ritzville Middle School located in Lind (Adams County). Guy Strot, Lind-Ritzville Middle School Principal, reached out to Ritzville Public Library Director... MORE »
  • From the desk of Shawn Schollmeyer & Washington Digital Newspapers. Though the Eatonville Dispatch began as a weekly newspaper in 1893, known available issues begin in 1916, stored on microfilm and carefully protected print copies... MORE »
  • Imagine you are out and about and have a burning question.  Or maybe you have a big paper due tomorrow and there is something you need to cite that defies all logic.  What do you do?   Pull out your smartphone or tablet, or log on... MORE »
  • CDs… do people still use CDs or is all music “consumed” digitally these days?  Across the state, people are cleaning out their CD collections and think that these “dinosaurs” are no longer viable.  But wait… we have an audience in... MORE »

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