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  • Ever since the advent of Web 2.0 people are finding creative ways to harness the power of the web to learn about and share their passions.  Resources are shared and discovered; connections are made between people.  Here at the Washington... MORE »
  • From the desk of Kathryn Devine Every year, the Thursday of National Library Week, April 17th  this year, is set aside as Teen Literature Day. Check out these teen books at the Washington State Library.     Meet Hannah West—smart,... MORE »
  • Do you know what you can find in a city directory? If you want to research your home, your family history, or local history you’ll want to use city directories. They are similar to telephone books in that they were published every... MORE »
  • From the desk of Brian Frisina Washingtonians know the importance of preserving the history and culture of our great state. One way to preserve our history is by supporting the Washington State Library. Established as a territorial... MORE »
  • Another treasure for Women’s History in the Manuscript Collection of the State Library is the newspaper clipping scrapbook of Josephine Corliss Preston, which has been digitized and added to our Classics in Washington History. Mrs.... MORE »

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