Due to budget reductions, the State Library's hours have changed. Our hours are now noon to 5 PM, Monday - Friday. Chat and email services are available from 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday.

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  • The Washington State Library’s Statewide Database Licensing (SDL) project announces the release of two important needs assessment surveys, one for library staff, and one for library users. All library staff who are aware of the library’s... MORE »
  • Several months ago in light of a potential budget shortfall the Washington State Library held an “Essential Needs Survey”. We were amazed and touched as support came in from all over the state. Someone from every district... MORE »
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    Courtesy of the Legislative Planning Committee, Washington Library Association Library Related Legislation. The Washington Library Association (WLA) tracks state legislative activity that will potentially affect Washington Libraries.... MORE »
  • From the desk of Steve Willis, Former Central Library Services Program Manager of the Washington State Library: The dry humor of this reporter is fun to read in the January 18, 1895 issue of The Wilbur Register. The random article... MORE »
  • By now I think most of you have heard about the Microsoft IT Academy (ITA) program which is offered through the Washington State Library. The ITA is a collection of over 400 online courses and other IT instructional materials that... MORE »

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