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7/7/2015: Service Animals in the Libraries: Developing a Best Practices Protocol for Multiple Service Points

7/8/2015: Managing the Device Deluge - Training and Supporting Staff

7/8/2015: Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work

7/8/2015: Coaching Skills for Managers

7/9/2015: Communicating in the Midst of Change

7/9/2015: 5 Myths About Measuring Training’s Impact and Why They’ll Get You Into Trouble

7/9/2015: Database of the Month: Explora Public Library

7/9/2015: Make It Rain: Using the Google AdWords Grant to Drive Impact

7/9/2015: No Job Seeker Left Behind: Library Services to Meet Their Needs

7/9/2015: Around the Web: Kelley Blue Book

7/10/2015: Making Difficult Conversations Easy

7/13/2015: Harnessing the Power of Risk-Taking: The Good, the Bad & the Calculated

7/14/2015: Communicate with Confidence: How to build Relationships with Anyone!

7/14/2015: Nonprofit 911 Storytelling with the Emotional Brain

7/14/2015: The Happiness Advantage at Work Part 2: Changing Social Scripts to Positive

7/14/2015: Book Group Crystal Ball: Summer and Fall 2015

7/14/2015: Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram, oh my! Sharing museum collections through social media

7/14/2015: BozarthZone! Nuts and Bolts of Social Media

7/14/2015: Single Days of Service: Make it Work!

7/15/2015: Leaving Library Services Behind: An e-Forum on (Preparing for) Retirement

7/15/2015: Communicating in the Midst of Change

7/15/2015: Introduction to Proposal Writing

7/15/2015: The ABCs of Building Better Boards

7/15/2015: Introduction to Facilitating Groups: Best Practices in Group Facilitation

7/15/2015: STEMing up your Library's Digital Collection

7/16/2015: Leaving Library Services Behind: An e-Forum on (Preparing for) Retirement

7/16/2015: Introduction to FDsys (Federal Depository Library Program)

7/16/2015: Financial Literacy Resource Sampler

7/16/2015: Communicating in the Midst of Change

7/16/2015: Crafting a Successful Adult Education Program for Small, Rural and/or Part-time Libraries

7/16/2015: Maker MacGyver: School and Library Makerspaces on a Shoestring Budget

7/16/2015: Telling the Story of Volunteer Impact

7/20/2015: Mentoring

7/21/2015: Digital Literacy

7/21/2015: Micro-Video IS Training – Learn How to Make the Most of It

7/21/2015: Nonprofit 911: Get Ready for #GivingTuesday

7/21/2015: Discovering Great Historical Fiction

7/22/2015: Effective Strategic Planning Part 2: Plan Development & Implementation

7/22/2015: Learn How Facebook Can Boost Member Engagement

7/22/2015: Libraries That Lend “Things”

7/23/2015: Better than Bullet Points

7/23/2015: How to Enroll in Project Outcome

7/23/2015: Navigating Payment Processing for Nonprofits

7/27/2015: The Art and Science of Working Remotely

7/28/2015: Data inclusiveness benefits for all

7/28/2015: Disability Language and Etiquette for Libraries

7/29/2015: Crowdfunding for Libraries: Technology Tips for Futuristic Fundraising

7/29/2015: Open Educational Resources: Librarians as Advocates, Advisors, and Creators

8/4/2015: The Kids Are Not All White

8/12/2015: Communicating in the Midst of Change

8/18/2015: Disability Language and Etiquette for Libraries

8/25/2015: Disability Language and Etiquette for Libraries