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5/3/2016: Supercharged Storytimes

5/3/2016: 101 Ways to Expand Learning Beyond the Classroom

5/3/2016: Nonprofit 911: Unlock the Magic of Monthly Giving (Network for Good)

5/3/2016: What We're Reading for Fall 2016 (Booklist)

5/3/2016: STEAM Is the New STEM: How You Can Bring It to Your School (Education Week)

5/3/2016: Bullying at School and at Work: Government Resources Can Help (Federal Depository Library Program)

5/4/2016: Welcome the World to Your Library: Creating a Multilingual Library Introduction Video (Nebraska Library Commission)

5/4/2016: 25 Free and Low-Cost Tools for Nonprofits (Idealware)

5/4/2016: Measuring Program Outcomes: A Toolkit for Small Libraries (TechSoup)

5/4/2016: Towards a More Accessible and Inclusive Presentation (American Alliance of Museums)

5/4/2016: Top Secret: Declassified Documents and Freedom of Information Act (Federal Depository Library Program)

5/4/2016: Introduction to Fundraising Planning (GrantSpace)

5/4/2016: Listen Up! Turning Library Agnostics into True Believers (Texas State Library & Archives Commission)

5/5/2016: Supercharged Storytimes

5/5/2016: Social Media for Trainers (InSync Training)

5/5/2016: Storymakers 4: Using Photos to Tell Your Organization's Story (TechSoup)

5/5/2016: Copyright services at universities (ALA Washington)

5/6/2016: Tech Trends with Tine: Control Your Future - New User Interfaces (Texas State Library & Archives Commission)

5/6/2016: Supercharged Storytimes

5/7/2016: TL's and NGSS: A natural phenomenon

5/9/2016: Supercharged Storytimes

5/10/2016: Supercharged Storytimes

5/10/2016: How to Market Your Large Print Collection: Successful Librarians Speak (Booklist)

5/10/2016: Grow and Learn: Library Outdoor Spaces! (Texas State Library & Archives Commission)

5/11/2016: Linux Laptops for Libraries (Nebraska Library Commission

5/11/2016: Effective Strategic Planning Part 3: Measure, Monitor, Report (4good)

5/11/2016: Money for Good 2015: What donor needs are, and how we can use them to jump-start American giving (GuideStar)

5/12/2016: Supercharged Storytimes

5/12/2016: Turning Stress Into Power (InSync Trainin

5/12/2016: Social Media and Volunteer Engagement (Volunteer Match)

5/12/2016: Makerspaces in the Library (American Libraries Live)

5/12/2016: CSL in Session: Get ‘er Done! Using 4DX® to Achieve Your Most Important Goals (Colorado Virtual Library)

5/12/2016: How Data Standards Can Help Save the World (GuideStar)

5/12/2016: 3D Printing @ Your Library: Getting Started (Library Journal)

5/12/2016: Early Literacy Outreach for Teen Parents: Engage and Inspire with ECRR 2.0 (Texas State Library & Archives Commission)

5/13/2016: Kate DiCamillo May 13th Virtual Author Event and LIVE Webcast (Candlewick Press)

5/13/2016: Supercharged Storytimes

5/13/2016: Making Difficult Conversations Easy (Effectiveness Institute)

5/16/2016: Intellectual Freedom – Core Values for All Librarians (Idaho Commission for Libraries)

5/16/2016: TL News Night (TL Virtual Cafe)

5/17/2016: Database of the Month: GoWYLD on a Bicycle! (Wyoming State Library)

5/17/2016: Where’s Your Power? What’s Your Point (InSync Training)

5/17/2016: YA Announcements: Summer 2016 (Booklist)

5/17/2016: Health Literacy Online (DigitalGov)

5/18/2016: The Talent Development Dilemma: Don’t Leave Learning to the Search Engine (American Management Association)

5/18/2016: Smart Tips to Identify, Screen, Rate and Qualify Major Gift Prospects (4good)

5/18/2016: Super Happy Maker Fun Hour: Bonus School Edition (Colorado Virtual Library)

5/18/2016: What's New in Young Adult Literature - 2016 (Infopeople)

5/18/2016: 30 Apps in 60 Minutes (EdWeb)

5/19/2016: The White House Vice Presidency: The Path to Significance, Mondale to Biden (National Archives)

5/19/2016: Essential Webinar Series: Intro to What Makes a Great Library (Siera Learn)

5/19/2016: The New Volunteer Manager's Toolkit (Volunteer Match)

5/19/2016: Genealogy Essentials: Helping Patrons Search for Family Roots (WebJunction)

5/20/2016: Tech Trends with Tine: Starting from Scratch - Grassroots/DIY/Maker Tech (Texas State Library & Archives Commission)

5/27/2016: Strategies for School Makerspace Success with Maker Guru Colleen Graves (Colorado Virtual Library)

6/23/2016: TL's and NGSS: A natural phenomenon