Leaves of knowledge

Title Leaves of knowledge
Author MacGibbon, Elma
Contents Elma Macgibbon’s reminiscences of her travels in the United States starting in 1898, which were mainly in Oregon and Washington.
Publication Information Spokane : Shaw & Borden Co., c1904
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Table of Contents


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  • Title Page - DJVU | PDF
  • Contents - DJVU | PDF
  • Introduction - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter I. Salem, the Capital of Oregon - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter II. Astoria and the Columbia River - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter III. Portland, the Western Hub - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter IV. Eastern and Southern Montana - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter V. The Willamette Valley - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter VI. Great Falls, Montana; Boise, The Capital of Idaho - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter VII. Walla Walla and Southeastern Washington - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter VIII. Western Montana - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter IX. Butte and Anaconda - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter X. The Columbia River and Pullman - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XI. The Palouse Country and Northern Montana - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XII. Helena and Eastern Montana - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XIII. Spokane and the Inland Empire - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XIV. Victoria and Vancouver, B.C. - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XV. Bellingham and Everett - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XVI. Seattle, the City of Destiny - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XVII. Tacoma, and Olympia, the Capital of Washington - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XVIII. Northern Oregon, Southern and Eastern Idaho - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XIX. Eastern Trip to St. Louis - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XX. Historic Scenes on the Potomac - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXI. Washington, D.C., the Nation's Capital - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXII. Greater New York - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXIII. Boston, the Eastern Hub - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXIV. Fredericton and the Maritime Provinces - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXV. Westward to Chicago - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXVI. St. Paul to Livingston - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXVII. The Yellowstone National Park - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXVIII. Montana's Capital - DJVU | PDF

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