History of Clarke County, Washington Territory

Title History of Clarke County, Washington Territory : compiled from the most authentic sources : also biographical sketches of its pioneers and prominent citizens / [B.F. Alley, J.P. Munro-Fraser]
Author Alley, B. F.
Contents Two historians narrate in great detail southwest Washington's territorial years as well as providing the early history of the Pacific Coast including Oregon and California. Interspersed throughout the book are portraits of pioneers and drawings of farms and residences of Clark county. The last portion of the book supplies biographical sketches of the county’s earliest and most prominent residents.
Publication Information Portland, Or. : Washington Pub., 1885
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Table of Contents


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  • Inscription - DJVU | PDF
  • Title page - DJVU | PDF
  • Preface - DJVU | PDF
  • Index - DJVU | PDF
  • Index - Biographical Sketches - DJVU | PDF
  • Index - Illustrations - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter I. The Pacific Ocean, California and Oregon Discovered - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter II. Occupation of Lower California by the Jesuits - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter III. Conquest of Upper California by the Franciscans - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter IV. Downfall of the Missions - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter V. Exploration and Claims to the Coast North from San Francisco - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter VI. Lewis and Clarke's Expedition in 1804, 1805 & 1806 - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter VII. American Occupation Defeated by the English - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter VIII. Struggle from 1814 to 1835 Between Rival Fur Companies ... - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter IX. The First Missionary Movement - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter X. Missionary Operations in 1836 - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XI. Events from 1837 to 1840, Tending to Americanize Oregon - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XII. Americans Having Gained a Footing, Attempt Organization - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XIII. American Settlers Organize a Government--Incidents in 1843, 1844 and 1845 - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XIV. The Eventful Years of 1846 and 1847 - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XV. The Cayuse War of 1848 - Oregon Organized as a Territory - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XVI. Creation of Washington Territory - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XVII. Attempt at Organizing Walla Walla County, W.T. ... - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XVIII. The Condition of the Threatened Country - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XIX. Resume of Military Operations - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XX. Winter Campaign of Oregon Troops in the Walla Walla Country - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXI. Incidents of the War both East and West of the Cascade Mountains - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXII. The Cascades Massacre of March 26, 1856 - Narrated by L.W. Coe - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXIII. Military Operations East of the Cascades Resumed - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXIV. Indians Gain All They Ask for and the War Ends - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXV. Eastern Oregon and Washington from 1856 to 1858 - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXVI. Clarke County - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXVII. Early Chronicles of Clarke County-The Hudson Bay Company - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXVIII. Early Chronicles of Clarke County-Joint Occupation - DJVU | PDF
  • [Newspaper clipping: Wreck Each Year Listed for Coast (1/13/1936)] - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXIX. Early Chronicles of Clarke County-The American Period - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXX. Chronicles of Clarke County-Legislative and Political - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXXI. Chronicles of Clarke County-Land Claims - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXXII. Chronicles of Clarke County-Vancouver City - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXXIII. Chronicles of Clarke County-Outlying Settlements - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXXIV. Chronicles of Clarke County-Biographical Sketches - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter XXXV. Chronicles of Clarke County-The Northwestern Portion - DJVU | PDF

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