Douglas' Journal, 1823-1827

Title Journal kept by David Douglas during his travels in North America 1823-1827 : together with a particular description of thirty-three species of American oaks and eighteen species of Pinus, with appendices containing a list of the plants introduced by Douglas and an account of his death in 1834
Author Douglas, David, 1799-1834
Contents Published eighty years after the death of David Douglas, this work contains the description of his travels to North America on behalf of the Royal Horticultural Society, his description of various species of American Oaks and Pines, his memoir, and an account of his death.
Publication Information London : W. Wesley & Son, 1914
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Table of Contents


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  • Portrait of David Douglas - DJVU | PDF
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  • Contents - DJVU | PDF
  • Journal kept by David Douglas during his travels in North America - DJVU | PDF
  • Some account of the American Oaks - DJVU | PDF
  • A sketch of a journey to the North-western parts of the Continent of America - DJVU | PDF
  • Journal of an expedition to the North-west America - DJVU | PDF
  • Appendix I – Memoir of David Douglas - DJVU | PDF
  • Appendix II – Extract from David Douglas’ Journal - DJVU | PDF
  • Appendix III – Account of Douglas’ death in the Sandwich Islands - DJVU | PDF
  • Appendix IV – Inscription on Douglas’ Monument at Honolulu - DJVU | PDF
  • Appendix V – List of papers written by David Douglas - DJVU | PDF
  • Appendix VI – Plants introduced by David Douglas - DJVU | PDF
  • Appendix VII – Ice Lettuce - DJVU | PDF
  • Appendix VIII – Some American Pines - DJVU | PDF
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