Soldiers of the Great War, Volume 1

Title Soldiers of the Great War, Volume 1
Author Haulsee, W. M.; Howe, F. G.; Doyle, A. C.
Contents Soldiers of the Great War appears due to the generosity of the Veterans Memorial Museum, Centralia, Washington. This 3-volume work provides as complete a record as possible of the American soldiers who lost their lives in World War I. Each volume contains photographs and lists of names for particular states: vol. 1, Alabama-Maryland; vol. 2, Massachusetts-Ohio; vol. 3, Oklahoma-Wyoming. Soldiers from Washington State are in vol. 3.
Publication Information Washington, D.C.; Soldiers Record Publishing Association, 1920
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Notes The lists of names are derived from government records and are searchable. The photographs are more difficult to access. The authors were not able to obtain photographs of every soldier, and the photos are not in strict alphabetical order. The captions under the portraits are not searchable due to image quality problems. To locate a particular soldier’s picture, it will be necessary to page through the photo pages from the appropriate state. See the Table of Contents below for a list of states in this particular volume. (Additional photos and names have been added at the end of vol. 3.)
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