History of Old Walla Walla County, Volume 1

Title Lyman's History of Old Walla Walla County, Embracing Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield and Asotin Counties - Volume 1
Author Lyman, William Denison, 1852-1920
Contents The 2-volume regional history includes history of Southeast Washington’s territorial years as well as a wealth of local detail, biographical sketches and photographs.
Publication Information [Chicago] : S. J. Clarke Pub. Co.,1918
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Table of Contents


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  • Title page - DJVU | PDF
  • Contents - DJVU | PDF
  • Part I. The County and Its Earliest Stages - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter I. Physical and Geological Features, Soil, Climate, Water-Courses, and Mountains - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter II. The Native Races of Old Walla Walla County - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter III. The First Explorers and their Routes Through the Region - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter IV. The Fur-trade and Fur-Traders - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter V. The Missionary Period - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter VI. Indian Wars and Opening of Country to Settlement - DJVU | PDF
  • Part II. Settlement and Development - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter I. The Permanent Organization of Walla Walla County and Founding of the City - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter II. Times of Cowboys, Miners, and Vigilantes - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter III. Political History to Time of County Division - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter IV. The Early Transportation Age - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter V. The Development of Industry in Old Walla Walla County to the Period of County Division an - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter VI. Intellectual and Religious Forces of Walla Walla County; Educational Institutions ... - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter VII. The Press of Walla Walla - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter VIII. With Lawyers, Judges and Doctors - DJVU | PDF
  • Part III. Period of County Divisions - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter I. Political History of Walla Walla County Since Division - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter II. Distinctive Features in History of Columbia County - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter III. Garfield County - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter IV. Asotin County - DJVU | PDF
  • Chapter V. Pioneer Reminiscences - DJVU | PDF
  • Old Walla Walla County – Biographical - DJVU | PDF
  • Historical Index - DJVU | PDF

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