Mount Rainier : a record of exploration

Title Mount Rainier : a record of exploration / edited by Edmond S. Meany
Author Meany, Edmond S.
Contents Meaney collects information about Mt. Rainier from many viewpoints. A Hudson’s Bay official recounts an expedition to the foothills in 1833; members of the Wilkes Expedition explore Naches Pass in 1844; Hazard Stevens leads the first successful ascent in 1870; and more!
Publication Information Portland, Or. : Binfords & Mort, c1916
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Table of Contents


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  • Title Page - DJVU | PDF
  • Dedication - DJVU | PDF
  • Preface - DJVU | PDF
  • Table of Contents - DJVU | PDF
  • List of Illustration - DJVU | PDF
  • The mountain discovered and named, 1792 by G. Vancouver - DJVU | PDF
  • First approach to the mountain, 1833 by W. F. Tolmie - DJVU | PDF
  • First recorded trip through Naches pass, 1841 by R. E. Johnson - DJVU | PDF
  • Tacoma and the Indian legend of Hamitchou by T. Winthrop - DJVU | PDF
  • First attempted ascent, 1857 by A. V. Kautz - DJVU | PDF
  • First successful ascent, 1870 by H. Stevens - DJVU | PDF
  • Indian warning against demons by Sluiskin, Indian guide - DJVU | PDF
  • Second successful ascent, 1870 by S. F. Emmons - DJVU | PDF
  • Explorations of the northern slopes, 1881-1883 by B. Willis - DJVU | PDF
  • Discovery of Camp Muir, 1888 by E. S. Ingraham - DJVU | PDF
  • Exploring the mountain and its glaciers, 1896 by I. C. Russell - DJVU | PDF
  • McClure's achievement and tragic death, 1897 by H. L. Bruce and H. H. McAlister - DJVU | PDF
  • Field notes on Mount Rainier, 1905 by H. Landes - DJVU | PDF
  • Glaciers of Mount Rainier by F. E. Matthes - DJVU | PDF
  • The rocks of Mount Rainier by G. O. Smith - DJVU | PDF
  • The flora of Mount Rainier by C. V. Piper - DJVU | PDF
  • Creation of Mount Rainier National Park memorial by scientific societies - DJVU | PDF
  • Mount Rainier is 14,408 feet high by the United States Geological Survey - DJVU | PDF
  • Place names and elevations in Mount Rainier National Park [compiled by E. S. Meany] - DJVU | PDF

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