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Ox-team days on the Oregon Trail

Title Ox-team days on the Oregon Trail, by Ezra Meeker. Rev. and ed. by Howard R. Driggs ... illustrated with drawings by F.N. Wilson and with photographs
Author: Meeker, Ezra, 1830-1928
Contents: Follow a young pioneer family as they set out to build a new life in the Pacific Northwest. Also follow author Ezra Meeker as he retraces the trail many years later to memorialize the Oregon Trail and the pioneers who lived and died on it.
Publication Information: Yonkers-on-Hudson, N.Y.: World Book Co., 1922
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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Cover - DJVU | PDF
Photo of Ezra Meeker - DJVU | PDF
Title page - DJVU | PDF
An introduction to the author - DJVU | PDF
Contents - DJVU | PDF
The world's greatest trail - written and signed by Ezra Meeker - DJVU | PDF
Part One - from Ohio to the coast - DJVU | PDF
Map - "North America in 1830" - DJVU | PDF
Chapter One - back to beginnings - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Two - boyhood days in old Indiana - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Three - leaving the home nest for Iowa - DJVU | PDF
Map - "North America in 1850" - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Four - taking the trail for Oregon - DJVU | PDF
Map showing main trails west of the Missouri before the railroads were built - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Five - the westward rush - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Six - the pioneer army of the plains - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Seven - Indians and buffaloes on the plains - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Eight - trailing through the mountain land - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Nine - reaching the end of the trail - DJVU | PDF
Part Two - settling in the northwest country - DJVU | PDF
Map showing the region in which Ezra Meeker settled in 1852 - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Ten - getting a new start in the new land - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Eleven - hunting for another home site - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Twelve - cruising about on Puget Sound - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Thirteen - moving from the Columbia to Puget Sound - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Fourteen - messages and messengers - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Fifteen - blazing the way through Natchess Pass - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Sixteen - climbing the Cascade Mountains - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Seventeen - finding my people - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Eighteen - Indian war days - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Nineteen - the stampede for the gold diggings - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Twenty - making a permanent home in the wilds - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Twenty-one - finding and losing a fortune - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Twenty-two - trying for a fortune in Alaska - DJVU | PDF
Part Three - retracing the old Oregon Trail - DJVU | PDF
Map showing the route Ezra Meeker traveled by ox-team in 1906 and the route of the Lincoln Highway - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Twenty-three - a plan for a memorial to the pioneers - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Twenty-four - on the Overland Trail again - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Twenty-five - trailing on to the South Pass - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Twenty-six - reviving old memories of the trail - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Twenty-seven - a bit of bad luck - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Twenty-eight - driving on to the capital - DJVU | PDF
Chapter Twenty-nine - the end of the long trail - DJVU | PDF
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