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Myths and legends of the Pacific Northwest, especially of Washington and Oregon

Title Myths and legends of the Pacific Northwest, especially of Washington and Oregon
Author: Judson, Katharine Berry
Contents: This work collects the oral traditions of the Chinook, Nez Perce, Klickitat and other tribes of the Pacific Northwest. Together with photographs, these myths and tales deal with themes such as creation, the theft of fire, and the formation of well-known geographical features including Takhoma (Mt. Rainier), The Dalles, the Columbia River, and the Bridge of the Gods.
Publication Information: Chicago : A.C. McClurg, 1912, c1910
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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Title Page - DJVU | PDF
Preface - DJVU | PDF
Table of Contents - DJVU | PDF
Illustrations - DJVU | PDF
The Origin of Daylight - DJVU | PDF
How Silver-Fox Created the World - DJVU | PDF
How Kemush Created the World - DJVU | PDF
The Robe of Kemush - DJVU | PDF
How Qawaneca Created the World - DJVU | PDF
How Old Man Above Created the World - DJVU | PDF
Old Man Above and the Grizzlies - DJVU | PDF
Duration of Life - DJVU | PDF
How Coyote Stole Fire - DJVU | PDF
How Beaver Stole Fire - DJVU | PDF
How Dog Stole Fire - DJVU | PDF
The Bridge of the Gods - DJVU | PDF
The Dalles - DJVU | PDF
The Story of Ashish - DJVU | PDF
Creation of Mankind - DJVU | PDF
As-Ai-Yahal - DJVU | PDF
The Golden Age - DJVU | PDF
The First Totem Pole - DJVU | PDF
Spirit of Snow - DJVU | PDF
Owl and Raven - DJVU | PDF
Cradle Song - DJVU | PDF
Woodrat and Rabbits - DJVU | PDF
Quarrel of Sun and Moon - DJVU | PDF
Chinook Wind - DJVU | PDF
The Miser of Takhoma - DJVU | PDF
Why There Are No Snakes on Takhoma - DJVU | PDF
Cry-Because-He-Had-No-Wife - DJVU | PDF
How Coyote Got His Cunning - DJVU | PDF
The Naming of Creation - DJVU | PDF
The Bird Chief - DJVU | PDF
The Spell of the Laughing Raven - DJVU | PDF
Origin of the Thunder Bird - DJVU | PDF
Mount Edgecomb, Alaska - DJVU | PDF
An Indian's Vow to the Thunder Gods - DJVU | PDF
Chinook Ghosts - DJVU | PDF
The Memaloose Islands - DJVU | PDF
A Visiting Ghost - DJVU | PDF
Origin of the Tribes - DJVU | PDF
How the Okanogans Became Red - DJVU | PDF
The Copper Canoe - DJVU | PDF
Origin of Mineral Springs - DJVU | PDF
How the Ermine Got Its Necklace - DJVU | PDF
Coyote and Grizzly - DJVU | PDF
Coyote and the Dragon - DJVU | PDF
Origin of Spokane Falls - DJVU | PDF
Coyote in the Buffalo Country - DJVU | PDF
Coyote and the Salmon - DJVU | PDF
Falls of the Willamette - DJVU | PDF
Tallapus and the Cedar - DJVU | PDF
How Coyote Was Killed - DJVU | PDF
Old Grizzly and Old Antelope - DJVU | PDF
Legend of the Klickitat Basket - DJVU | PDF
The Northern Lights - DJVU | PDF
Back Cover - DJVU | PDF

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