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Reminiscences of Washington Territory

Title Reminiscences of Washington Territory : scenes, incidents and reflections of the pioneer period on Puget Sound
Author: Prosch, Charles, b. 1820
Contents: Prosch was the original editor of the Puget Sound Herald, a newspaper published in Steilacoom beginning in 1858. He recounts his memories and opinions freely on such subjects as newspapers, the army, churches and doctors in the early days of Washington Territory.
Publication Information: Seattle, Wash. : [s.n.], 1904
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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Chapter I. Departure from San Francisco… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter II. The Puget Sound Herald… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter III. The H. B. Company and the Indians… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter IV. A little known region… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter V. Generous bounty of nature… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter VI. Subsisting on berries… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter VII. Early misrepresentations of the territory… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter VIII. A speck of war… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter IX. Unfulfilled prophecy of Governor Stevens… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter X. Indian piracies on Puget Sound… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XI. Everyone known – Social gatherings… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XII. Military disbursements on Puget Sound… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XIII. A Pacific Republic – Union Leagues… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XIV. Pioneer steamboating… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XV. A frenchman’s success in the liquor business… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XVI. Old and new names of localities… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XVII. Our mild winters… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XVIII. The hanging of Indians… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XIX. Prolific cows… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XX. A few of the first things… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XXI. A startling church announcement… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XXII. The memory of a voice… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XXIII. Church history… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XXIV. Villainous description of Oregon… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XXV. Open and easy methods of trading… - DJVU | PDF
Chapter XXVI. A tribute to Washington pioneers… - DJVU | PDF

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