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Project analysis series

Title Project analysis series
Author: War Relocation Authority, Documents Section, Office of Reports
Contents: These reports were compiled by staff of the War Relocation Authority, a civilian agency responsible for “the relocation (of evacuees) in appropriate places, providing for their needs in such manner as may be appropriate, and supervising their activities”, from reports written by community analysts assigned to the relocation centers.
Publication Information: [Washington, D.C.] : War Relocation Authority, c-1946
State Library Catalog Information
Notes Contains report numbers 14-17, 19, 21-24
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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Report No. 14 : The Tule Lake incident - DJVU | PDF
Report No. 15 : The reaction of Heart Mountain to the opening of Selective Service to Nisei - DJVU | PDF
Report No. 16 : The significant factors in requests for repatriation and expatriation - DJVU | PDF
Report No. 17 : Relocation at Rohwer Center, Part 1 : the relocated population - DJVU | PDF
Report No. 19 : Community government in the relocation center, Part 1 : One year of community govern - DJVU | PDF
Report No. 21 : Relocation at Rohwer Center, Part 4 : Prospects for the resettlement of Rohwer farme - DJVU | PDF
Report No. 22 : A typical block at Tule Lake Center - DJVU | PDF
Report No. 23 : Final report on the Gila River relocation center as of May 20, 1945 - DJVU | PDF
Report No. 24 : Stresses and strains of center life - DJVU | PDF

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