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Illustrated history of Spokane county

Title Illustrated history of Spokane county, state of Washington
Author: Edwards, Jonathan, 1847-1929
Contents: Edwards’ book deals with the settlement of eastern Washington and the development of the Spokane area as center of commerce. It describes Spokane’s early schools, government and extensive system of fraternal and charitable organizations. The last portion of the book supplies biographical sketches of the county’s earliest and most prominent residents.
Publication Information: [San Francisco?] : W. H. Lever, 1900
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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Title page - DJVU | PDF
Dedication - DJVU | PDF
Map - DJVU | PDF
Table of contents - DJVU | PDF
Portrait index - DJVU | PDF
Biographical index - DJVU | PDF
Ch. I Early history of Washington - DJVU | PDF
Ch. II Pioneer missionaries - DJVU | PDF
Ch. III Other explorers and writers - DJVU | PDF
Ch. IV Whitman mission at Wai-il-at-pu - DJVU | PDF
Ch. V The Spokanes - DJVU | PDF
Ch. VI First missionaries to the Spokanes - DJVU | PDF
Ch. VII Missionary work among the Spokanes - DJVU | PDF
Ch. VIII The genesis of American history in Washington - DJVU | PDF
Ch. IX Settlement of Eastern Washington - DJVU | PDF
Ch. X Indian wars - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XI The inland empire - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XII Spokane County – How to spell Spokane - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XIII Spokane County – Organization of county - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XIV Spokane City to 1880 - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XV Spokane City continued – 1880-1890 - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XVI Spokane City continued – 1890-1900 - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XVII Spokane City government - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XVIII Spokane as commercial center - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XIX Spokane County public schools - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XX The public schools of Spokane - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XXI History of the Catholic Church in Spokane - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XXII Religious work in the county: Protestant churches - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XXIII Other religious organizations - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XXIV Women’s organizations - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XXV The Spokane press - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XXVI Fraternal organizations - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XXVII Trade unions and labor organizations - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XXVIII Philanthropic and other organizations - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XXIX Miscellaneous organizations - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XXX Towns and settlements - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XXXI Political history of Spokane County - DJVU | PDF
Ch. XXXII Pioneer reminiscences - DJVU | PDF
Biographical Records - DJVU | PDF

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