Information Governance

Managing records and information in today’s world requires using different strategies and different approaches than the traditional methods applied to a paper-centric  environment.  While the fundamental principles of records management remain the same, the current approaches and strategies need to undergo a sea change with how government operates today.  Implementing an information governance program will help bring order to the rapidly growing levels of records, data and information being generated but not managed appropriately. 

Information Governance requires a multidisciplinary team that can coordinate and collaborate in their efforts to not only “govern” or manage records, data and information but also bring together key functional areas necessary to implement and maintain Information Governance.  In addition to records management,  collaborative interactions and conversations are necessary with IT, business unit leaders and managers,  legal/compliance, as well as risk and security in order to develop the framework for a successful Information Governance program.

Information Governance for State Agencies “Challenges to Champions” April 18, 2014
An educational session was held on April 18, 2014 introducing Information Governance for State Agencies.  Russell Wood, State Records Manager, started the session with a call to action to forge ahead and to build the frameworks necessary to support Information Governance for state agencies.

Presenters and their sessions: 
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"Information Governance State IT Perspective"
Dave Kirk, Office of the Chief Information Officer

“Making Sure You Do Not Drop the Ball – Public Disclosure”
Nancy Krier, Assistant Attorney General

"Building an ECM Franchise"
Kyle Stannert, City of Bellevue

"Change Management - We Are Only Human"
Leslie Koziara, CRM Washington State Archives

"A Strategic Game Plan for ECM"
Phil Brady, Department of Financial Institutions

“How to Implement ECM”
ECM Process Workbook Example
Cynthia Jones, Department of Enterprise Services

Other materials developed for the April 18, 2014 IG Session Packet:

State of Public Records – Mythbusting

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Primer – How Did We Get Here and Where Do We Go Next?