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Washington Reads (Fall 2006) - Mysteries in Washington State

Washington is the perfect setting for an array of mysteries ranging from whimsical, fun reads to haunting tales or hard core thrillers. The plethora of intriguing tales that exist makes choosing a select few difficult. A number of additional, outstanding mysteries could easily be added to this list.

This summer, the State Library highlighted the mysteries of Washington with a bibliography which has proved extremely popular. To receive an electronic copy of the bibliography contact [email protected]

An image of the book cover, Into the Inferno. Emerson, Earl. Into the Inferno.

This compelling medical mystery sweeps firefighter Jim Swope into a frantic race against time. Half of his department is wiped out after an accident that must have included chemical poisoning. Now Swope himself is showing all of the symptoms that could lead to his demise in seven days. The final outcome is not revealed until the very last page!

An image of the book cover, Long Time Gone. Jance, J. A. Long Time Gone.

Seattle's J.P. Beaumont returns, this time in the Washington State Special Homicide Investigation Team. He takes on two mysteries, one of which is a cold case and the other involving the family of his former partner Ron Peters. This book is quintessential of the author Jance.

An image of the book cover, Folly. King, Laurie R. Folly.

This book is a gem, weaving together mysteries of the past and the present. Tormented Rae Newborn attempts to find solace on Folly Island in the San Juans. Intriguing characters, beautiful prose, and the sense of the islands' history and ecology, make this a "must read" on multiple levels.

An image of the book cover, Absolutely, Positively. Krentz, Jayne Ann. Absolutely, Positively.

This is the fun and light tale of Molly Abberwick, Dr. Harry Stratton Trevelyan, and some mysterious threats to Molly. Molly is the owner of the Abberwick Tea and Spice Company. Dr. Harry Stratton Trevelyan is a scientist and consultant to the Abberwick Foundation. A blend of whimsy, paranormal, mystery and romance set in Seattle.

An image of the book cover, The Body of David Hayes. Pearson, Ridley. The Body of David Hayes.

Lieutenant Lou Boldt cleverly manipulates both enemies and coworkers to save his wife Liz. This is a clever thriller involving an old embezzling case that will keep the reader engaged from cover to cover.

Young Adult
An image of the book cover, Bookmarked to Die Dereske, Jo. Bookmarked to Die.

Librarian Wilhelmina "Helma" Zukas returns with a mid-life crisis, the disappearance of Boy Cat Zukas, the arrival of a free spirited artistic friend, and the urge to investigate a mystery in Northwest Washington.

An image of the book cover, Skye Dancer Pinord, Lila L. Skye Dancer.

Skye Dancer, a native girl, stumbles onto the victims in an ongoing mystery involving a reclusive mountain man. The reader is immersed in a terrifying thriller that features legends, superstitions, and the beauty of the Northwest tribal land.

An image of the book cover, Danger: Dynamite! Capeci, Anne. Danger: Dynamite!

Set in Scenic, Washington in 1926, this mystery involves Billy, a fourth grader, and his best friend, Finn. It follows Billy and Finn as they search for missing explosives. This page-turner for young readers will appeal to many, including the most reluctant of readers. Grades 3-6

An image of the book cover, Terror at the Zoo. Kehret, Peg. Terror at the Zoo.

Ellen and Corey received the ultimate birthday present, a sleepover at the Woodland Park Zoo. While various adults think others must be with the children, an escaped criminal is in the zoo attempting to kidnap a baby monkey and then the children. This is a wonderfully readable and engaging tale.
Grades 4-7