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Changes in the Obituary Lookup Service

Due to budget cuts and staff reductions, we will no longer offer our obituary lookup service effective June 16. All requests received prior to June 16 will be answered.

Welcome to the Washington State Library’s obituary lookup service!  This service is offered to all WA residents who have a Washington State Library card. Get more information about obtaining a WA State Library Card.

Our obituary lookup service utilizes our large collection of Washington newspapers.  If an obituary is found, a scanned copy will be sent to you as an email attachment.

To submit your request, please fill out the form below.  Note that each request/name should be submitted separately and you are limited to five requests per day.  If you need to find the dates and places requested, check out the links on our Vital Records page and our Obituaries page.

Our obituary lookup service is very popular and we are currently working through a backlog of requests with a reduced staff.  It may take up to eight weeks for you to receive a response to your request.  We appreciate your patience.

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