ProQuest Package Product Descriptions

The "New" ProQuest Package (Starting July 1, 2011)

Here are links to detailed descriptions for the products included in the SDL ProQuest contract package that took effect July 1, 2011:

*As of 7/12/2012, ProQuest upgraded all Washington library accounts, adding the Western Newsstand. This was in compensation for the loss of three Washington newspaper titles from the Washington Newsstand, the Tacoma News Tribune, the Tri-Cities Herald, and the Both the Washington Newsstand and the Western Newsstand are available as separately searchable databases within the ProQuest interface, but the Washington titles are also included in the Western Newsstand. The only available description for the Western Newsstand is as follows: "ProQuest Western Newsstand provides access to leading newspapers from the Western Region of the United States including the states of CA, AZ, WA, OR, AK, HI, MT, ID, WY, NV, UT, CO and NM."

For a description of the original "ProQuest Newsstand - Washington," scroll down to find it under the old package, below. A title list for the Western Newsstand is available here in spreadsheet format: Western Newsstand Title List, and is also available from within the search interface. When checking the Western Newsstand title list, be sure to scroll all the way over to Column N, to view the "Blocking Restrictions." For instance, while the list shows such titles as the Arizona Daily Sun, and the Oregonian, these are restricted to "corporate" accounts, meaning that ProQuest does NOT have rights to provide this content to academic, public, or K12 libraries. Also, the last time I looked, the list showed ongoing citation and abstract coverage for McClatchy titles, and ProQuest lost those rights in mid-January 2012. An updated title list may have been available since then.

Access links for ProQuest products

Some of these products run on their own separate platforms, rather than on the standard ProQuest platform. Here are access URLs for all of the ProQuest products:

Access instructions, including authentication information, is available here: ProQuest Access Instructions.

Notes on Changes to the ProQuest Package:

Although the old contract ended June 30, 2011, ProQuest continued providing access to "discontinued" products through the end of July, 2011. Discontinued products include:

  • Ethnic NewsWatch
  • Alt-Press Watch
  • eLibrary Elementary*
  • The "complete" ProQuest NewsStand
  • World Conflicts Today (available through June 30, 2012)**

*Note regarding eLibrary Elementary: ProQuest is no longer updating the now dated eLibrary Elementary interface, and for this reason chose to replace it with the more user-friendly SIRS Discoverer product for the K-8 market. Both SIRS Discoverer and the regular eLibrary provide the ability to sort and limit by reading level.

**Note regarding World Conflicts Today: This content has been moved into the History Study Center, which is available as part of the current SDL package. ProQuest has discontinued World Conflicts Today as a standalone product; however, as a favor to Washington Libraries, ProQuest continued to make the product available to WA libraries through June 30, 2012.

Libraries that wish to purchase subscriptions to any of the products no longer available through the statewide contract were offered "preferred pricing" with discounts up to 35% through Dec. 31, 2011. See the ProQuest Add-on Product Offer Flyer for more information. After that date, contact your ProQuest account representative for pricing information.

Product Descriptions for the "old" pre July 1, 2011 package


  • Designed to support students, educators, and researchers for K-12
  • Over 2,000 full-text magazines, newspapers, and reference books
  • Over 3,000 topological, historical, thematic, and interactive maps
  • Over 1,500,000 photos and images, both current and historical
  • Over 20,000 streaming audio and video files including historical and current footage
  • Over 500,000 transcripts from popular TV and radio programs
  • Over 90,000 editor-screened and selected websites appropriate to K-12 study

Complete title list | More Information

eLibrary Elementary

  • Designed to provide all the media and functionality of eLibrary for K-6
  • Students use the colorful, graphical search interface to find the answers they need from more than 40 full-text magazines, 8 full-text newspapers, 40 full-text reference books, 5,000 maps, 400,000 photos and images, 30,000 TV and radio transcripts, 14,000 streaming audio and video files, and 100,000 editor-selected websites appropriate for K-6 study

Complete title list | More Information


  • World Edition includes over 200 country reports
  • Kids Edition includes over 82 country reports
  • States Edition includes all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia
  • Provinces Edition includes all 13 Canadian provinces and territories
  • Photo Gallery includes hundreds of photos from around the globe
  • International Recipes includes five recipes from every country in World Edition
  • International Biographies of famous people in each country
  • Flag Galleries include flags for countries, states, and provinces

More product information

World Conflicts Today

From the editors of CultureGrams, and running on the same platform, World Conflicts Today explores protracted, unresolved world conflicts, occurring in:

  • Afghanistan
  • Basque country (Spain and France)
  • Chechnya
  • Colombia
  • Darfur (Sudan)
  • Iraq
  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • Korean Peninsula
  • Northern Ireland
  • Palestinian Territories

More Product Information

Ethnic NewsWatch

  • Features newspapers, magazines, and journals from the ethnic and minority press
  • Nearly 1.6 million full-text articles from over 280 publications
  • Approximately 250,000 full-text articles in Spanish
  • Coverage from 1990 to present

Complete title list | More Information

Alt-Press Watch

  • Specializes in coverage of the alternative and independent press
  • Over 502,000 full-text articles from more than 190 publications
  • Coverage from 1970 to present

Complete title list | More Information

ABI/INFORM Trade and Industry

  • Companion Product to ABI/INFORM specializing in major trade and industry news
  • Over 1,250 publications indexed and over 1,125 in full-text
  • In-depth coverage of companies, products, executives, trends, and more

Complete title list | More Information

ProQuest General Reference Suite

  • Access to over 4,000 publications and more than 3,000 in full-text
  • Coverage from 1971 to present
  • Components Include:
    • ProQuest Research Library
    • Designed to cover the top 150 core academic subject reference areas
    • Indexes over 3,950 titles and includes more than 2,700 full-text publications
    • Features a diversified mix of scholarly journals, trade publications, magazines, and newspapers
    • 15 supplemental subject-specific modules include:
      • Arts
      • Business
      • Children
      • Education
      • General Interest
      • Health
      • Humanities
      • International
      • Law
      • Military
      • Multicultural
      • Psychology
      • Sciences
      • Social Sciences
      • Women's interest
      • Complete title list | More Information
    • ProQuest Discovery
    • Intended for public library settings, provides detailed information on popular topics
    • Indexes over 3,250 titles and includes more than 2,250 full-text publications
    • Coverage from 1972 to present
    • 10 main subject areas allow users to explore topics in:
      • Arts & Humanities
      • Computers & Internet
      • Education
      • Environment
      • Health
      • Lifestyle & Culture
      • Politics and Government
      • Science & Mathematics
      • Social Issues & Policy
      • Sports & Entertainment
      • Complete title list | More Information
    • ProQuest Platinum
    • Intended for K-12 libraries as a general reference collection, includes comprehensive coverage of all subjects from more than 2,200 magazines, journals, and newspapers
    • Coverage from 1981 to present
    • Compliments curriculums in all subject areas
    • Complete title list | More Information
  • ProQuest Gold
  • A subset of ProQuest Platinum, provides coverage from over 800 titles
  • Coverage and search options focus on supporting in-depth study
  • Compliments curriculums in all subject areas in high school and junior high settings

National Newspapers 5 Legacy (This database was offered previous to adding the The ProQuest Newsstand, below)

  • 100% full-text articles, fully indexed and with abstracts for every article, covers:
    • The Christian Science Monitor (1988-Present)
    • The Los Angeles Times (1985-Present)
    • The New York Times (1980-Present)
    • The Wall Street Journal (1984-Present)
    • The Washington Post (1987-Present)

The ProQuest Newsstand

  •   Over 500 local, regional, national, and international newspaper titles, with more than 350 of them in full text, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and many others.

More Information | Complete Title List

Washington State Newsstand

Effective January 1, 2009, ProQuest no longer distributes full-text ASCII content from The Seattle Times in its current newspaper products. For more information, visit the SDL home page.

  • 100% full-text articles, fully indexed and with abstracts for every article, included:
  • Papers with full coverage:
    • Journal of Business (Spokane) (Citations & Full-Text: 1991-Present)
    • The Everett Herald (Citations & Full-Text: 2001-Present)
    • The Tacoma News Tribune (Citations & Full-Text: 1993-Present)
    • Seattle Post Intelligencer (Citations & Full-Text: 1990-Present)
    • Seattle Times (Citations & Abstracting only: 1984-October, 2008)
    • Spokesman Review (Spokane) (Citations & Full-Text: 1991-Present)
    • Tri-City Herald (Citations & Full-Text: 2006-Present)
    • Vancouver Columbian (Citations & Full-Text: 1995-Present)
    • Yakima Herald-Republic (Citations & Full-Text: 1998-Present)
  • Papers with selective business coverage:
    • Longview Daily News (Citations & Full-Text: 1991 - 1997)
    • Eastside Journal (Bellevue) (Citations & Full-Text: 1994 - 1997)
    • Mercer Island Reporter (Citations & Full-Text: 1995-1996)
    • Peninsula Daily News (Port Angeles) (Citations & Full-Text: 1994-1997)
    • Puget Sound Business Journal (Citations: 1985-2004; Full-Text: 1999-2004)
    • South County Journal (Kent) (Citations & Full-Text: 7/17/1997-8/12/1997)
    • The Bremerton Sun (Citations & Full Text: 1991-1997)
    • Tri-City Herald (Citations & Full-Text: 1991-1997)
    • Valley Daily News (Kent) (Citations & Full Text: 1991-1997)
    • Wenatchee World (Citations & Full Text: 1991-1997)
    • Yakima Herald-Republic (Citations & Full-Text: 1991-1997)

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For other technical issues, contact ProQuest Technical Support at (800) 889-3358, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 midnight ET, Monday through Sunday or via e-mail.

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