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Gale Signup and Related Information

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Sign Up

It's not too late, if your library hasn't signed up for the new Gale package. All public, academic, and special libraries that wish to obtain the new SDL package from Gale Cengage are requested to fill out, sign, and return the new SDL Intent to Participate Form for Libraries. A link to first year costs is found below.

K-12 libraries (public, private, or district level) should contact their respective ESD for pricing information and to sign up for the Gale package.

By signing the Intent to Participate Form, the organization is agreeing to abide by the terms of the Gale Product and Services License Agreement, which has been substantially modified for the contract with the State of Washington. Please carefully read and understand these important terms of use, and make certain that all library staff are aware of them.

In addition to submitting the SDL Intent to Participate Form, libraries should fill out and return Gale's New Library Activation Request for Washington Libraries. The information provided on this form goes directly to Gale and allows them to set up library accounts for activation.

Private academic libraries and special libraries are requested to also provide current user count data. Please fill out and return the appropriate forms, found in the list below:

Key Documents and Links:

Note: Digital signatures appear to require loading the PDF form in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and that functionality may not be available if the PDF form is loaded directly into your browser instead.

Access to Gale Databases

Almost every nonprofit library in Washington State has the opportunity to license the Gale database package through the state contract at a deeply discounted price that saves significant dollars throughout the library community. Visit the Gale Resources Page to explore the new resource suite.

Note: K-12 schools/libraries should contact their representative ESD for information on participation. Other libraries should contact the State Library SDL Project staff.

To sign up for the new Gale package use the links and forms provided near the top of the page.

More Content – Lower Costs

The Washington State Library Statewide Database Licensing project is pleased to announce a 75% LSTA subsidy for the first year of the new Gale database package starting July 1, 2021. Past subsidies have been 50%. In addition, the total cost of the new package is 26% lower than before.

Bottom line:

  • 60-65% reduction in cost for more content compared with 2020.
  • Most public, academic, and special libraries will pay less than half the previous cost.
  • K-12 schools, working through their respective ESDs, may see smaller cost reductions, due to unavoidable administrative overhead.
  • Some small libraries will remain subject to minimum invoice floors.

The SDL Advisory Committee strongly recommended the Gale proposal due to the updated, easy-to-use interface, and robust content for all types of libraries. The committee was especially pleased with the content for the K-12 schools where the content is much stronger than before.

The spreadsheet lists first year costs for public, academic, and special libraries currently participating in the SDL project. New libraries are ALWAYS welcome. Contact Will Stuivenga for information. K-12 libraries should contact their respective ESDs for cost information.

Discover Washington's New Gale Resources:

Your new collection of Gale resources available through the Washington State Library provides you with cross-curricular content to support

  • all undergraduate and graduate students in an academic setting,
  • all K-12 students from elementary to high school,
  • all public library patrons, from students to general researchers to the business community.

In addition to the reputable and reliable content, Gale has created integrated research tools to aid in organized discovery, including Google/Microsoft Integrations, LMS integration, Highlights and Notes and Citations.

Gale has also developed a large support system to help you master the resources and get the word out to your faculty and staff, including Customer Success Managers and pre-developed written and recorded training materials.

Welcome to Gale Webinar Series

To Support Academic Institutions

View this webinar, designed for academic levelled librarians, library support staff, and faculty, to gain an understanding of the content, tools, and support available to ensure your students achieve success.

To Support K12 Schools

View this webinar, designed for K12 teacher-librarians, library support staff, and teachers, to gain an understanding of the content, tools, and support available to ensure your students achieve success.

To Support Public Libraries

View this webinar, designed for public librarians and library support staff, to gain an understanding of the content, tools, and support available to ensure your patrons achieve success.

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