Frequently Asked Questions for Participating Libraries

Do we have to register each library branch/outlet individually even though we have a central administrator?
Yes, Microsoft requires that each branch/outlet be registered separately.
What is the cost of the Microsoft Imagine Academy for my library?
There is no cost to your library to sign up for the Imagine Academy because the State Legislature has paid the fees to allow statewide access for two years (July 2013 through June 2017) and Microsoft has generously discounted the remaining cost of this program for participating libraries. The next two years are at no cost to libraries other than a commitment of staff time to help patrons get signed up, answer questions from patrons, and help people access the site.
What are the benefits of participating in the Microsoft Imagine Academy?
  • Help Washington citizens attain industry-recognized Microsoft skills and certifications to enable them to be competitive in the rapidly evolving 21st century workplace.
  • Help meet statewide economic development objectives, capitalize on job and workforce demands, and prepare the next generation Washington workforce for IT/STEM and IT-infused jobs across industry sectors.
  • Create a sustainable long-term learning framework for the libraries of Washington that benefits library patrons, librarians, library staff members, and the broader community while delivering measurable learning outcomes.
  • Support Washington leadership in innovative IT education reform.
  • Ensure equality of access for all Washington library branches regardless of location, size, or economic status.
  • Leverage existing Washington IT curriculum resources with an additional and enhanced IT education solution that is meaningful and relevant by mapping to industry-recognized Microsoft skills standards and certifications that align to the requirements of the workplace.
  • Promote a foundation for lifelong learning—the ability to adapt and upgrade individual skills in a rapidly changing world—by providing the building blocks of essential skills all students and citizens require to be active, lifelong learners in a technology intensive environment, and to compete and be at the forefront of the 21st-century global economic system.
What are the responsibilities of the Imagine Academy Program Administrator at my library?
  • Coordinate program implementation within the library;
  • Promote the program to staff and patrons;
  • Receive communications from the Imagine Academy Program;
  • Identify library staff to attend training(s) on the Microsoft Imagine Academy Program.
  • If you have additional staff involved in the project, the Program Administrator will be the link between the Library, Washington State Library staff and Microsoft Imagine Academy staff.
Are there curriculum and/or textbooks for use with the Imagine Academy?
Yes, for educators and librarian-educators leading courses or workshops, Microsoft provides access to the Microsoft Official Academic Curriculum (MOAC) in ebook format.  The MOAC textbooks are available in both student and instructor versions for each of the Microsoft Office Suite applications, and the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification exams. In addition to the MOAC, e-learning courses, lesson plans, practice exercises, test banks, and Study Guides to support instruction toward Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and MTA certification.
Do I have enough bandwidth to implement the Imagine Academy at my library?
Microsoft and the Washington State Library will work with libraries to see if the existing equipment and broadband connection are sufficient to implement Imagine Academy. Technical information will be sent to participating libraries.
Is training offered on how to implement Imagine Academy at my library?
Yes, the State Library and Microsoft fully support all implementations, providing both online and in-person training for participating libraries.
Who will provide help assistance for individuals taking courses (patrons and students)?
A number of resources are available to support end-users in the Help section of the Imagine Academy platform.  In addition, technical support is available 24/5 by phone (877-450-9875), online (Contact us link at the bottom of any Imagine Academy page), or email (
Can individuals sign up for classes online, without coming into the library?
Most libraries offer access to their Imagine Academy from their website, although a valid library card may be needed. Some libraries may require you to visit the library in person. Washington residents living in an area where library service is not available may access the Imagine Academy through the Washington State Library's Imagine Academy registration page. Once registered, courses can be accessed from any computer with internet access, including a home, work, school, or library computer.
We have Microsoft Windows 7, will the Imagine Academy work on our computers? Does it work on Mac computers?
Information on specific technical requirements are listed for each course in the Imagine Academy, under System Requirements. In general, any version of Microsoft Windows is supported as long that version supports a more current browser. This includes Windows XP with Service Packs, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Imagine Academy courses will run on Mac computers running an internet browser that supports the Silverlight plug-in. More information on Silverlight-compatible operating systems and browsers is available from Microsoft's Silverlight site, under the System Requirements tab.
Will the Imagine Academy courses work on a tablet computer or smartphone?
The Imagine Academy online courses require a browser plug-in called Microsoft Silverlight, which is not compatible with tablets or smartphones
For non-Washington residents, can we charge patrons interested in the Microsoft Imagine Academy for computer use and/or printing if we regularly charge for these services?
If you choose, yes - local policy is still in place. We only ask that access to the courses themselves be free, charges for computer use (such as a community college lab for non-students) or printing is allowed if that is the local policy and applies to everyone.
Can we require ID before enrolling non-residents in the Imagine Academy?
Yes, you may require ID as proof of Washington residency if your standard policy for library card registration is to show ID.
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