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This page contains information that will assist libraries in making a decision on joining the Downloadable Audiobooks and eBooks project or renewing their current subscriptions. Here is a brief table of contents for this page:

For pricing information, contact the Project Manager, Will Stuivenga. Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

LSTA subsidies are no longer available for this project. Initially, costs for participating public and academic libraries were subsidized at 50% for 3 years, 40% for 1 year, and 20% for 1 additioinal year, then phased out. K-12 school library pricing was low enough such that no additional subsidies were provided.

Project Vendors

The project originally worked with two vendors: NetLibrary and OverDrive. NetLibrary has been replaced by Recorded Books, which provided the content to NetLibrary.

Joining the Project

To join, please fill out the Intent to Participate Form and return it to the Washington State Library following the instructions on the form.

If the Recorded Books option is selected, the library or school must also complete the OneClickdigital Subscription Form, and return it to Recorded Books. The form may be printed, scanned, and returned via e-mail as an attachment, or faxed, or mailed to Recorded Books.

Recorded Books Information

  • For all nonprofit public, academic, and K-12 libraries in Washington, the project provides the opportunity to join an informal Recorded Books consortium.
  • This consortium offers libraries a group of prepackaged Recorded Books collections from which to choose. A library may subscribe to one or more of these collections.
  • These are annual subscriptions, not one-time purchases.
  • The collections are "unlimited use," meaning that there is no limit on the number of simultaneous users that can download and listen to any book title within the collections. All of the titles are available to all users all of the time.
  • Additional titles (in both audio and eBook formats) have been purchased on the one copy/one user model, typically using variance funds at the end of the federal fiscal year. These collections are available to any library that purchases a subscription to one or more of the unlimited use audiobook collections.

This consortium purchase offers annual subscriptions to the following pre-set Recorded Books collections:

  • Core Adult Collection (5,950 titles)
  • Children's and Young Adult Collection (1,978 titles, can be split into separate YA and Juvenile collections)
  • Academic Collection (983 titles)
  • Audiolibros Spanish-language Collection (190 titles)

Additional points:

  • There is some overlap between the collections, especially the "classics" titles, which appear in all collections (except Audiolibros).
  • Additional single use titles (both audio and eBook formats) have been added in subsequent years as funding permitted. Currently, these total
    • 4,606 copies of 3,527 single use audiobook titles,
    • and 4,258 copies of 4,191 eBook titles.
  • The title counts provided are as of December, 2018.
  • Contact the project manager for title lists.

There are many additional titles available for individual purchase by libraries. Examples:

  • Recorded Books offers 182 titles from the Pimsleur Language Learning Series which can be purchased individually by libraries.
  • Copies of all of the Pimsleur titles were purchased for consortium access using LSTA variance funds.
  • There are multiple copies (up to 5) of the more common languages.
  • In 2016, Recorded Books made audiobook versions of the Great Courses series available for purchase, and over 50 of these multiuse titles were added to the collection.

Recorded Books unlimited use subscription collections offer the following automatic updates:

  • Adult Core Subscription - The library will automatically receive approximately 45 new titles per quarter;
  • Children/Young Adult Core Subscription - The library will automatically receive approximately 15 additional titles per quarter;
  • Academic Subscription - The library will automatically receive approximately 15 additional titles per quarter;
  • Audiolibros Subscription - The library will automatically receive approximately 6 additional Spanish language titles per quarter.

Recorded Books (OneClickdigital) Renewals and Pricing

The Recorded Books OneClickdigital subscription term for most participating libraries is April 1 through March 31 of each year. Some libraries and schools may be on a different term based on individual circumstances. Contact Recorded Books if you are unsure about your subscription term.

Public and academic library subscriptions are renewed automatically unless a Cancellation Form is filled out and returned by a month prior to the end of the current subscription period.

Note: To fill out the PDF cancellation form online, be sure to open it in Adobe Reader. In recent experience, opening the form in your browser may result in much of the form functionality being disabled. There should be a button on your browser window, offering to let you open the form with another program. Choose Adobe Reader.

K-12 libraries and school districts will receive a 10% increase over the previous year's cost. Schools and school districts are requested to send a Purchase Order (P.O.) or its equivalent to Recorded Books to renew their subscriptions. You may mail, fax, or scan to PDF and e-mail the form using the information at the bottom of the page below. If an invoice is required to requisition the purchase order, requests for invoices can be sent directly to the e-mail address listed below. An invoice will be completed and mailed, emailed, or faxed based on the request.

For 2019 renewals and new subscriptions, there is a minimum charge of $220.00 for any K-12 related invoice. The minimum cost may increase as of Jan. 1, 2020.

OverDrive option

  • For some public libraries, there is an option to join an OverDrive consortium.
  • This option is limited to public libraries that do not currently have an OverDrive account, and which serve a population of fewer than 100,000. 
  • Libraries that are eligible to join the OverDrive consortium may join the Recorded Books group purchase instead, or they may join both groups, as they choose. 

OverDrive Information

Eligible public libraries choosing OverDrive will join the Washington Digital Library Consortium (WDLC), an existing OverDrive group that was founded by and originally managed by the Whatcom County Library System. This consortium's OverDrive collection is known as the Washington Anytime Library. The management of this consortium was transferred to the Washington State Library as of 2010.

An initial group of 7 public libraries went live at the end of March, 2008. Since 2010, the consortium has been expanded to 45 members. In 2010, the group decided to add eBooks to the collection, and currently features a mix of eBook and eAudiobook content. As of March 2018, the Washington Anytime Library collection comprised 75,470 copies of 41,183 unique titles which break out as 57,137 copies of 29,894 eBook titles, and 18,332 copies of 11,288 audiobook titles.

OverDrive Renewals

For public libraries belonging to the Washington Digital Library Consortium (WDLC), which provides the OverDrve-powered Washington Anytime Library to member library patrons, members vote on a budget each year in November or December and libraries are subsequently invoiced by the Office of the Secretary of State (OSOS). The WDLC Executive Advisory Committee (EAC) presents several possible budget scenarios to the membership for consideration.

OverDrive Pricing

There is a $1500 one-time participation fee for each new library that joins the consortium. Funding permitting, the State Library will subsidize the cost of this fee using federal LSTA funds.

Each library will pay its proportional share of the annual "Application License and Hosting Fee" that the consortium pays to OverDrive. Each library will also make an annual contribution to the collection and to the Added Copy Fund. These costs are divided proportionally among the participating libraries, based on each library's population served.

For public libraries interested in joining the Washington Digital Library Consortium (the OverDrive group), contact Will Stuivenga for additional paperwork and requirements. A public library that wishes to join the OverDrive consortium should fill out and return the Downloadable Audiobooks Intent to Participate Form. There will be other documents, including an agreement with OverDrive, and one with the consortium, that the library will also need to sign. These will be made available later.

Contact Information

To ask questions about any aspect of the information presented here, please contact the Project Manager:

Will Stuivenga
Off the Page Project Manager
[email protected]
Toll free 866.538.4996

Recorded Books

270 Skipjack Road
Prince Frederick, MD  20678
410-535-5590 ext 1171
877-828-2833 ext 1171
Fax 208-474-4525
Email: [email protected]

Bryan Messersmith, Recorded Books National Account Manager
[email protected]
206-852-8726 or (800) 638-1304 x1344

OverDrive, Inc.

One OverDrive Way
Cleveland, OH 44125 USA
Phone: +1 (216) 573-6886
Fax: +1 (216) 573-6888

Washington Anytime Library


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