Washington 1889 Lesson Plan

Washington 1889: Blazes, Rails and the Year of Statehood is a public exhibit. A year of big dreams, big burns and big politics,1889 captured a place in our history as a time of great prosperity and adversity. The face of Washington changed. Pioneers arrived and townsfolk rebuilt from the rubble. Finally, on November 11, 1889, Washington rose as the 42nd state in the union.

Washington 1889 includes middle school curriculum with accommodations and adjustments available to upper elementary and high school.


The lesson plans follow the inquiry arc as outlined in the College, Career, Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards and are common core aligned (Washington State standards) to challenge students in essential reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. These plans are poised to engage students before, during, and after viewing the Washington 1889 exhibit (either in person or online). Questions? Contact Laura Mott: 1-360-902-4171 or [email protected]