R.R. "Bob" Greive

R.R. "Bob" Greive The oral history of R.R. "Bob" Greive in part tells the story of some of Washington's most contentious political years, when the Legislature was still assigned the task of legislative redistricting. Senator Greive is remembered by many as a key player in the redistricting battles. His recollections, juxtaposed with excerpts from a work by former legislative aide Howard E. McCurdy, provide valuable insight into this intriguing chapter of Washington state's political history.

Bob Greive was a highly skilled politician, serving as Senate majority leader for sixteen years. His oral history follows the career of a master political strategist and campaigner, detailing Senator Greive's own methods for success, such as his widely noted "sign-shops," one of the first instances of mass produced political yard signs in the state. Known in some circles as the hardest working politician of his time, Senator Greive is also an accomplished artist. Several of his drawings and cartoons, many of which figured into his political life, can be found in his oral history.

R.R. "Bob" Greive: An Oral History