Visit: Capitol Campus

Our exhibits are located in the lobby of the Secretary of State’s office in the legislative building.

Information on tours, directions, parking and much more:

To contact your senator or representative:

A few ideas of ways to enjoy our beautiful campus:

  • Schedule guided tours of the Capitol Campus and the beautiful Legislative Building, as well as the Temple of Justice and Governor's Mansion.
  • Visit the Office of the Secretary of State to preview Legacy Washington exhibits.
  • Walk the extensively landscaped Capitol grounds originally created by the famed Olmstead brothers with views of Capital Lake, Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.
  • View the many moving and artistic memorials at the Capitol including those for World War II, the Viet Nam War and the Law Enforcement Memorial.
  • Watch the Legislature in action. The Legislative sessions begin the second Monday of each January.
  • Arrange a visit with your district senator or representative.
  • Special tours are available for school groups.