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Washington Reads (Winter 2007) - Olympic Peninsula

With an untamed shoreline, a unique old-growth rain forest, lush valleys, many rivers and the rugged Olympic mountain range, the Olympic Peninsula presents a majestic and spectacular slice of nature in the far northwest corner of Washington. Writers have, through words, illustrations and photographs, helped the reader step into the unique environment of the Peninsula. They have highlighted the interrelationship of the natural environment of the wilderness and the creatures within the ecological gem that is the Olympic Peninsula.

An image of the book cover, The Egg and I. MacDonald, Betty. The Egg and I.

You can't write about the Olympic Peninsula without including the book that put it on the map for a nation of readers in 1945. This witty and light-hearted period piece depicts the life and adventures of a newly married woman on a small farm on the Olympic Peninsula in the late 1920s. The book is a treasure of its time, although it no longer meets today's politically correct standards.

An image of the book cover, The Last Wilderness. Morgan, Murray. The Last Wilderness.

Living within this primitive wilderness were some rough and colorful characters. Morgan's saga about the last wilderness to be mapped includes many adventures of pioneers that capture our imagination and our sense of humor. History and exceptional storytelling combine to make this a classic popular history.

An image of the book cover, Olympic National Park Impressions. Randklev, James. Olympic National Park Impressions.

The stunning beauty of the Olympic National Park is showcased in this remarkable work of photography.

An image of the book cover, The Olympic Rain Forest: An Ecological Web. Kirk, Ruth with Jerry Franklin. The Olympic Rain Forest: An Ecological Web.

With a goal of presenting the forest as a whole, the authors describe the interdependence of the unique ecology of the ancient forest through photos and words. The grandeur of the rain forest comes to life on these pages.

Young Adult
An image of the book cover, Twilight. Meyer, Stephenie. Twilight.

Sun-loving Bella moves from Arizona to rainy Forks, Washington to live with her Dad. She becomes intrigued by Edward, who just happens to be a vampire. The secret romance soon evolves into a thriller, as the two struggle to keep her alive. This is an extremely popular and compelling book among teens and adults in many countries, and has been published in several languages.

An image of the book cover, A North American Rain Forest Scrapbook. Wright-Frierson, Virginia. A North American Rain Forest Scrapbook.

Children have an opportunity to participate in the exploration of a rain forest. They travel with the author as she plans, travels, sketches, photographs, and writes about her experiences. Children will hear the sound of the river, see the moss of the forest, and be awed by the endless ocean as they tour the Olympic Peninsula. Ages 5-9

An image of the book cover, The Tree in the Ancient Forest. Reed-Jones, Carol. The Tree in the Ancient Forest. Illustrated by Christopher Canyon.

Deep in the forest is a 300 year-old fir tree. This book explores the relationship of the tree with the plants and creatures of the forest. The poetic story uses bright, full-page, acrylic illustrations of the circle of life. Ages 4-8