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Welcome to the Washington State Fall 1999
Database Trials 

September 7 - October 31, 1999

Please forgive a few rough edges as this page is finalized.  Report problems to Jeanne Crisp at [email protected]

VENDOR FAIRS, OCT. 1 IN OLYMPIA, OCT. 4 IN ELLENSBURG - Click here for details

DISCUSSION LINKS ACTIVATED ON OCT. 7 ! Netscape users will see a peculiar screen with a grid of 2 rows x 4 columns, and only several icons filled in.  The top row, second box from the right is the "add discussion" box (hold your pointer over it and the name should appear).  We are working to fix this problem...

Welcome Pacific Northwest Partners!   Please read this message first.

Interest Form: Library staff, please use this e-mail form to indicate interest level in different products.  Around October 10 we'll let you know which products seem likely to qualify for discounts based on volume.  Deadline to register your interest: October 31, 1999.  (PS - you will not receive an acknowledgment when you send your reply, but we will track it!)

Handy tip: Print this page, and the page called Fall Trials 1999: Detailed Login Information, as a way to keep track of the login ID and password information for each database.  If there's no ID / password, the link should take you directly into the database.

National Newspaper Databases

Bell & Howell National Newspapers
Bell & Howell product description
    Go to Bell & Howell

EBSCO Newspaper Source
    EBSCO product description
    Go to EBSCO
       userid: washebsco

Electric Library from Infonautics
    Electric Library product description
    Go to Electric Library
       username: WASTATENEWS
       password: ELIBRARY  

    NewsBank product descriptions
    Go to NewsBank

Health Databases

Bell & Howell ProQuest Medical Library
Medical Library product description
   Go to Medical Library

Health Source Plus
    Health Source Plus product description
    Go to Health Source Plus
       userid: washebsco

Gale Health Reference Center
Health Reference Center product description
  Go to Health Reference Center


  Ovid Databases product description
  Go to Ovid products

   Alt-HealthWatch product description
   Go to Softline products
      userid: statelib
      password: sli

Well-Connected product description
   Go to Well-Connected
      userid: trials
      password: trials




General Databases

Ardenonline (works of Shakespeare)
    Ardenonline product description
    Go to Ardenonline
      username: washstate
      password: 4aut99

Baker and Taylor EBIS
    EBIS product description
    Go to Baker and Taylor

Britannica product description
    Go to Britannica
       username: [email protected]#stateofwa
       password: ktwelve

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
CSA product descriptions

Chadwyck-Healy product descriptions
    Go to Chadwyck-Healy

    Lexis-Nexis product descriptions
    Go to Lexis-Nexis
       user id: OPENUNIVERSE
       password: COLUMBIA 

    EBSCO product descriptions
    Go to EBSCO
       userid: washebsco

Electric Library from Infonautics
    Electric Library product description
    Go to Electric Library
       username: WASTATETRIAL
       password: ELIBRARY   

Facts on File
    Facts on File product description

Gale Group
    Gale Group's products descriptions
    Go to Gale Group

    Grolier product description
    Go to Grolier
       user name: wastate
       password: trial

    Grove's product descriptions
    Go to Dictionary of Art
       username: grove
       password: art
    Go to Dictionary of Opera
       userame: grove
       password: opera

    Hoover's product description
    Go to Hoover's
       userid: wastate
       password: trial

Human Relations Area File
    HRAF product description
    Go to Ethnography Collection
       username: hraf
       password: blit51ar
    Go to Archaeology Collection
       username: hraf
       password: blit51ar

Information Quest
    IQ's product description
    Go to IQ
       user name: washtrial
       password: olympia

    InfoUSA product description
    Go to ReferenceUSA
       password: WSLFT

       Lightspan product descriptions
       Go to Lightspan

    netLibrary product descriptions
    Go to netLibrary

    NewsBank product descriptions
    Go to NewsBank

    NoveList product description
    Go to NoveList
       userid: washebsco
       password: ebsco

    OCLC product descriptions
    Go to OCLC current FirstSearch
       authorization: 100201291
       password: trial
    Go to OCLC new First Search
       authorization: 100201291
       password: trial

Primary Source Media
Primary Source Media product description

    Roth product descriptions
    Go to PoemFinder
       username: wsl
       password: poetry
    Go to World's Best Poetry
       username: wsl
       password: poetry

SIRS product descriptions
    Go to SIRS
       customer #: WA1696
       password: 98504

Softline product description
   Go to Softline
      userid: statelib
      password: sli

Standard & Poor's
S&P product description
    Go to S&P
       user name: facadeei
       password: ecology

H.W. Wilson
H.W. Wilson product descriptions
    Go to WilsonWeb

WorldBook product description
    Go to WorldBook
       userid: pumpkin
       password: patch

The world of cooperative database licensing 
in Washington State!

Washington State libraries of all types are developing a cooperative approach to licensing commercial on-line databases.  The Washington State Library serves as a clearinghouse for information and participation, and efforts are guided by a Steering Committee that represents the state's whole library community.  Over 2,000 libraries offer their users the statewide full-text periodical and newspaper package that was licensed for the period October 1998 - December 2000.  About half the cost of this package was subsidized with federal Library Services and Technology Act money, with remaining funds coming from local budgets. 

Additionally, dozens of libraries have used local funds to participate in smaller group purchases for over a dozen additional databases.

Created: September 2, 1999 / Modified: 9/3/1999; 9/7/1999; 9/8/99; 9/15/99; 9/23/99 / 10/7/99