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(Note from the Washington State Library:  In order to participate in the Fall 1999 Washington State Databases Trial, each vendor was asked to address questions the Statewide Database Licensing Committee felt were most critical in order for library staff to evaluate products and vendors.  Please contact the vendor's representative, listed below, for additional information on this product.)

1. Describe the database product(s). Include information on subject scope, percentage of full-text, dates of coverage, target audience (including age ranges), and how often the contents are updated.

Title Source II

The Title Source II is part of EBIS (Electronic Business and Information Services) Title Source family of products. The Title Source II is the most extensive database of bibliographic acquisitions information for U.S. publications. Baker & Taylor and EBIS achieve this expansive database with their proactive means by which the information is acquired from its numerous sources. The following are some of the highlights:

2. What are the hardware and software requirements for using all the features of the product?

The requirements are internet access and that the version of browser is either Internet Explorer or Netscape levels 4.0 and higher. As for PC requirements, the information on the database is best viewed if the display settings for the monitor are set at 800 x 600 or higher for computer monitors that are 13-16 inches of viewing area. The 17-inch monitors can use whichever display settings they would like.

3. Is remote access included for the subscription price?  If there are additional charges or requirements in order to offer remote access, please describe.   What methods of remote access are supported?

The database is completely web-based, so any library that has access to the database could view the information from any facility or any location in their institution or from their home. There are two ways to access the system, a user id and password or an IP authentication method of access. There are no added fees for remote access, pricing is based on how many user id’s or IP access points are desired.

4. Please discuss any methods or assistance you offer regarding remote access patron verification and authentication.

Presently our setup for patron access would verify IP addresses that the library would supply. Some libraries have IP addresses that are generated outside of their LAN, so the IP addresses are at random. For this type of setup, we are working on an embedded password solution.

5. What end user delivery options, such as printing, emailing or faxing results, are available beyond just viewing results on the computer monitor?

This is one of the strong features about our database, in that bibliographic information can be shared from user to user in the form of a cart transfer. This process is similar to e-mail, but is done completely inside the database. Librarians can attach notes to titles in carts, attach notes to carts, indicate quantities desired, etc.

6. What customer training is provided, and at what cost?

For any subscriber, a "Tips for Using Title Source II" will be sent. Also, there is online help that can be referenced from a number of the screens in the database. This help can also be downloaded into a word.doc or zip file to be printed out and be used as a manual. As for training, this is reviewed on a case by case basis.

7. What customer and technical support is provided, including hours of operation.

There is an online "Feedback" icon that can be accessed at any time to ask questions or make suggestions. In addition, the Technical Support department can be called if additional information is needed. The Technical Support department hours of operation are 8am to 5pm EST. The contact number is (800)775-3700 or (908)429-4044 attention Brian Holovach. To contact by e-mail, [email protected] .

8. Describe the statistics you provide, and discuss whether your statistical reporting complies with guidelines developed by the International Coalition of Library Consortia which may be found at www.library.yale.edu/consortia/webstats.html .

Statistics provided are related to user id accession of the database. The IP address method of using the database cannot be traced for certain aspects of reporting. Statistics can include, but are not limited to the following: amount of searches, types of searches, last login, amount of carts, amount of titles in a cart, amount of dollars allocated per cart, and amount of discounted dollar amount allocated per cart. In reviewing the International Coalition of Library Consortia, we comply in part with the guidelines addressed in their web page.

9. Describe your pricing structure or formula for the product. If there are additional costs for retrieving full text, describe the pricing for this service. 

The standard pricing for the Title Source II is $1,750 for the full service user id, and $250 per additional user id. A single user id may be shared among multiple users, but not searched at the same time. Please note, this is our standard pricing, once we have a better idea of the impact in the state of Washington that this trial presents, we will be better able to develop group buying terms.

10. What is the minimum participation level (however you care to define it) that would be needed to allow participating libraries to receive a discount? What is the minimum discount for a group buy? Please clarify how you would treat existing library customers with regard to a group buy.

As referenced in response to question 9, once we have a better idea of the impact of the trial, we will be in a better position to develop group buying terms. However, the typical level of participation that we have dealt with for group pricing is 20, 30, and 40 libraries. The minimum discount for group buying is around 15%. With regard to existing libraries that already subscribe to the database, they would be eligible for any group discounts that can be realized, but only at time of renewing their subscription or adding accounts to their subscription.

11.  Please provide name and contact information (toll-free telephone number, e-mail address, hours, etc.) should libraries wish to make further inquires.

Please contact for further information either Scott Crawford at (800)775-7930 x. 1450, [email protected] or Ed Devine at (800)775-7930 x. 1020, [email protected].

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