Statewide Database Licensing Project - Spring 2000 Trials
Detailed Login Information

Baker and Taylor

How to connect to the Baker and Taylor EBIS database:

Note: To access this product you must be using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 4.0 or better.

Userid: wastlib1 through 19 (use any number wastlib1 through wastlib19 that isn't already busy)
Password: library

If you get the message "You are currently logged in from another computer, would you like to login from this computer", please click on "no" and try logging in with a different number.  If you click "yes", you will logout another person using the trial service.  Thank you.  

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Bell & Howell Information and Learning

Note for those of you who access ProQuest through an Internet Service Provider / account number (rather than through your IP address):  When you link to these trial databases and then want to return to your normal ProQuest content, you'll need to use the cookie cutter program and re-enter your library' unique ProQuest account number.  Go to for information,   and call Bell & Howell Customer Service at 1-800-521-0600 x2971 if you cannot remember your account number. 

Remember that Bell & Howell used to be UMI.  This is the vendor who provides the statewide magazine and Washington newspaper databases that most Washington libraries subscribe to.

PsycFirst PlusText, CINAHL PlusText and BasicBIOSIS PlusText are to be added to ProQuest.  The vendor anticipates that these third-party databases will be available for trial on April 3.


ProQuest Medical Library
   User Name:  BPQJ28W9F6
   Password: welcome

eLibrary for Academics
    User Name: WAAcademic
    Password: elibrary


Bell & Howell bought Chadwyck-Healey

Use the following for signing on (these passwords are CASE SENSITIVE):

March 6 - April 2
User Name: reviewer
Password: GRATeful

April 3 - April 30
User Name: reviewer
Password: RELIable

Please note that these passwords are for use only by authorized libraries in Washington State and surrounding Pacific Northwest States that are identified as participants in this trial! These passwords are not to be shared with other libraries or individuals.

Literature Online (LION)

International Index to Music Periodicals (IIMP)

International Index to Music Periodicals Full Text (IIMP Full Text)

International Index to the Performing Arts (IIPA)

International Index to the Performing Arts Full Text (IIPA Full Text)

Historical Newspapers Online Full Text (HINO)

Periodicals Contents Index (PCI)

Periodicals Contents Index (PCI Full Text)

International Index to Black Periodicals (IIBP Full Text)



Digital National Security Archive (DNSA)

Literary Journals Index Full Text (LIFT)

American Film Index Catalog

Harper's Magazine Online
 - This is a demonstration site.

Big Chalk

Note:  Usernames and passwords are case sensative

eLibrary Classic 
    Go to elibrary Classic 
        Username: waclassicpub 
        Password: elibrary

eLibrary Plus 
    Go to eLibrary Plus 
        Username: wapluspublic 
        Password: elibrary

eLibrary News 
    Go to eLibrary News (unavailable)

eLibrary Elementary
    Go to eLibrary Elementary 
        Username: waelementary 
        Password: elibrary

eLibrary Classic 
    Go to eLibrary Classic 
    Username: waclassicK12 
    Password: elibrary

Bowker Ulrich's

When you go to the Ulrich's site, select one of the numbers between wa1 through wa50 as the Username.  If the one you pick is busy, please select a different number.  Please make sure to logout before exiting the service.

Username: wa1 through wa50 
Password: ulrichs

Go to Ulrich's



Information will be available soon


Note: The User ID and Password are identical for each of these databases.
        User ID: wastatelib
        Password: sli

Note: Libraries already subscribing to either Ethnic Newswatch, GenderWatch or Alt-HealthWatch who want access to the other databases - will not be able to use the above user ID and password. Please contact Robert French at SoftLine Information : [email protected] or 800/524-7922 to request access to the desired database(s) for the duration of the trial period.

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