Fall Trials 1999: Detailed Login Information

Baker and Taylor

How to connect to the Baker and Taylor EBIS database:

Userid: wastlib1 through 19 (use any number wastlib1 through wastlib19 that isn't already busy)
Password: library

Note: Please use the LOGOUT button on the Baker and Taylor page when you are finished.  This will "free" the userid for the next person.  You should see this message:

"You are now logged out.  Thank you for using Title Source™ II on the Web. We welcome your feedback. To send us a message, re-enter The Title Source™ II from the link below and click on the "Feedback" button after you login, or feel free to contact any of the names listed under the "Contacts" button on The Title Source™ II main page. "

If you get the message "You are currently logged in from another computer, would you like to login from this computer", please click on "no" and try logging in with a different number.  If you click "yes", you will logout another person using the trial service.  Thank you.  

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Bell & Howell Information and Learning

If you try to link to these databases and instead see your normal initial ProQuest screen and selection of databases you already subscribe to, you'll have to use the cookie cutter program before testing these databases.  Go to www.umi.com/cookiecutter for information.

National Newspaper 5
   User Name: MFH32DN4HJ
   Password: welcome

National Newspaper 9
   User Name: W68K2MNDS9
   Password: welcome

   User Name: 4K97CF6HJV
   Password: welcome

USA Today
   User Name: SJXDP9H7JQ
   Password: welcome

   User Name: PXQ8CTS3QB
   Password: welcome

Idaho Statesman
   User Name: PXQ8CVJN2F
   Password: welcome

International Newspapers
   User Name: HTCXHN4JB2
   Password: welcome

ProQuest Medical Library
   User Name:  BPQJ28W9F6
   Password: welcome


Use the following for signing on (these passwords are CASE SENSITIVE):

Username: WASH
Password: FallTrial

Please note that these passwords are for use only by authorized libraries in Washington State and surrounding Pacific Northwest States that are identified as participants in this trial! These passwords are not to be shared with other libraries or individuals.

Literature Online (LION)

International Index to Music Periodicals (IIMP)

International Index to Music Periodicals Full Text (IIMP Full Text)

International Index to the Performing Arts (IIPA)

International Index to the Performing Arts Full Text (IIPA Full Text)

Historical Newspapers Online Full Text (HINO)

Periodicals Contents Index (PCI)

International Index to Black Periodicals (IIBP)
(Please note: this is a prerelease product demo - the product will be released in September, at which time we will inform libraries of the actual product URL.)



Digital National Security Archive (DNSA)

Literary Journals Index Full Text (LIFT)

American Film Index Catalog
(This is a forthcoming CD product, with corresponding web access for CD owners. In September, when the web version is released, we will supply libraries with the product URL for trial.)

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Facts on File

9/7/99 - This link is under construction.  Please check back.


CIS Congressional Universe
   User ID: conuniv17 (ends with the number "17)
   Password: congressional

CIS Statistical Universe
   User ID: statuniv14 (ends with the number "14")
   Password: statistical

CIS State Capital Universe
   User ID: scapital25
   Password: scapital

CIS History Universe: Access to Primary Sources
   User ID: psources10 (ends with the number "10")
   Password: psources

CIS History Universe: Access African American Studies
   User ID: afamuniv65
   Password: african


PageOne (teachers may sign up for this product at no charge)

Your School Online (teachers may sign up for this product at no charge)

The Lightspan Network
   Go to "Log-on to Lightspan Network"  
   User Name: Washington
   Password: Library

NOTE: To better determine how classroom teachers can use the Lightspan Network as a daily instructional tool, we highly recommend that interested parties arrange for a guided tour of the Lightspan Network. This guided tour will be conducted live and on-line from a remote site at the discretion and initiation of interested school. To arrange for a guided tour, please contact Rob Magliano at 1-888-4-ALL-KIDS extension 8222 or email at [email protected]. Rob is available from 8AM-5PM (Pacific Time) Monday through Fridays.

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Note to current NewsBank Customers: In order to view your current NewsBank subscription, after viewing the NewsBank Washington State Trial, you will have to close and re-open your browser. Please call Customer Service at (800)243-7694 with any questions.

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