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Library Elections in Washington State

The Washington library community frequently asks us for information about levy lid lifts and other library elections in Washington. Below is a list of library elections over the past years. As you can see, the list is incomplete. If you can provide us with information, please contact Carolyn Petersen at [email protected] or 360.570.5560.

For a list showing the establishment of city libraries and library districts and annexations to library district see the Municipal Research and Service Center of Washington.

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11/05/2019Castle Rock Public LibraryLevyExcess LevyRejected 74.39%
11/05/2019Lopez Island LibraryLevyLid LiftApproved 68.6%
08/06/2019Pend Oreille County Library DistrictLevyOperations and MaintenanceApproved 64.07%
08/06/2019Seattle Public LibraryLevyProperty Tax RenewalApproved 76.00%
08/06/2019Spokane County Rural Library DistrictLevyOperations and Maintenance DetailsApproved 55.00%
11/06/2018Pierce County Library SystemLevyLid LiftApproved 50.2%
08/07/2018Castle Rock Public LibraryLevyExcessApproved 63.16%
04/24/2018Sno-Isle LibrariesLevyLid LiftApproved 50.46%
02/13/2018Whitman County Rural Library DistrictLevyLid LiftApproved 74.38%
11/07/2017Kitsap Regional LibraryLevyLid LiftApproved 65.15%
08/01/2017Castle Rock Public LibraryLevyExcess LevyApproved 68.56%
04/25/2017Spokane Public LibraryLevyLid LiftApproved 71.32%
11/08/2016City of West RichlandLevyLid liftApproved 51.78%
11/08/2016Orcas Island Library DistrictLevyApproved 64.49%
11/08/2016Whatcom County Library SystemLevyPoint Roberts RenovationRejected (>60%) 55.45%
08/02/2016Castle Rock Public LibraryLevyApproved 66.14%
08/04/2015Castle Rock Public LibraryLevyApproved 61.11%
08/04/2015Spokane County Rural Library DistrictLevySpokane ValleyRejected (>60%) 57.57%
11/04/2014Stevens County Rural Library DistrictLevyLid liftRejected 47.73%
08/05/2014Castle Rock Public LibraryLevyExcess (funding) levyApproved 65.43%
08/05/2014Ocean Shores LibraryLevyLid LiftApproved 54.61%
04/23/2013Ferndale City Public LibraryFunding LevyApproved 62.07%
02/12/2013Spokane Public LibraryLevyLid liftApproved 66.17%
08/07/2012Ocean Shores LibraryLevyFunding LevyApproved 51.73%
08/07/2012Seattle Public LibraryLevyFunding LevyApproved 64.17%
04/17/2012Ocean Shores LibraryLevyFunding LevyRejected 51.19%
02/14/2012Castle Rock Public LibraryLevyFunding LevyApproved 62.32%
08/17/2011Castle Rock Public LibraryLevyOperatingRejected (>60%) 58.56%
08/17/2011Libraries of Stevens CountyLevyLid LiftRejected 40.59%
08/17/2011San Juan Island Library DistrictLevyLid LiftApproved 55.26%
10/17/2010Kitsap Regional LibraryLevyLid liftRejected 41.54%
10/17/2010Libraries of Stevens CountyLevyLid liftRejected 42.5%
08/17/2010Castle Rock Public LibraryLevyFunding levyApproved 62.34%
08/17/2010Fort Vancouver Regional LibraryLevyLevy liftApproved 50.19%
08/17/2010North Olympic Library SystemLevyLevy liftApproved 59.10%
08/17/2010Ocean Shores LibraryLevyFunding levyApproved 50.07%
08/17/2010Spokane County Rural Library DistrictLevyLevy liftApproved 54.86%
02/09/2010Asotin County LibraryLevyLevy liftApproved 63.09%
02/09/2010King County Library SystemLevyLid liftApproved 52.09%
11/03/2009Sno-Isle LibrariesLevyLevy liftApproved 52.06%
11/03/2009Whitman County Rural Library DistrictLevyLevy liftApproved 65.81%
11/03/2009Whatcom County Library SystemLevyLevy liftApproved 51.02%
08/18/2009Castle Rock Public LibraryLevyApproved 62.30%
02/03/2009Timberland Regional LibraryLevyLid liftRejected 44%
2008Castle Rock Public LibraryLevyOperating levyRejected 59.9%
08/19/2008Port Townsend Public LibraryLevyLid liftApproved 64.70%
03/11/2008Spokane County Rural Library DistrictLevyAnnexation excess levyApproved 61.73%
05/15/2007Kitsap Regional LibraryLevyLid liftRejected
2007Jefferson County Library DistrictLevyLid liftApproved 62.00%
11/07/2006Castle Rock Public LibraryLevy59.55%
11/07/2006Lopez Island LibraryLevyLid liftApproved
11/07/2006Whitman County Rural Library DistrictLevySpecial levyApproved 75.24%
09/19/2006Pierce County Library SystemLevyLid lift55.76%
09/16/2006Spokane County Rural Library DistrictLevyLid liftApproved 59.00%
2005King County Library SystemLevyLid liftApproved
2004Whitman County Rural Library DistrictLevyEndicott75%
2003Sno-Isle LibrariesLevyLid lift52%
2002Orcas Island Library DistrictLevyLid liftRejected
1993Fort Vancouver Regional LibraryLevyLid liftApproved
09/15/1992Spokane County Rural Library DistrictLevyLid lift59%
Ritzville County Library District #2LevyRaised levy