Information Governance Initiative

Purpose for Initiative

The purpose of this statewide initiative is to remove the major barriers to agency information governance (IG) initiatives. This will be accomplished by providing breakthrough information governance principles and selecting an array of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems for agencies to use.

As agencies implement breakthrough principles and guidance with an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System in their own initiatives, employees will be able to effectively organize, manage, and use electronic documents and unstructured data as a critical agency asset. Agencies will be able to resolve electronic records disorganization and proliferation issues, and the related problems that flow from those issues.

Why IG? Why Now?

The volumes of records, data and information have reached epic proportions, as have the volume and complexity of public records requests. For those agencies seeking to regain control over their electronic records and information, IG offers a roadmap and a framework. For those agencies looking for tools, guidance and resources to get a handle on their information assets, IG and this initiative prepares a path. With this initiative, agencies will have what they need to begin the IG journey within their own organizations, eventually achieving the benefits IG can deliver through much hard work, teamwork, planning and preparation.