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The Local Records Committee was created by Chapter 40.14.070 RCW, which states:

"County, municipal, and other local government agencies may request authority to destroy noncurrent public records having no further administrative or legal value by submitting to the division of archives and records management lists of such records on forms prepared by the division. The archivist, a representative appointed by the state auditor, and a representative appointed by the attorney general shall constitute a committee, known as the local records committee, which shall review such lists and which may veto the destruction of any or all items contained therein."

WAC 434-630-040 assigns the following responsibilities to the Local Records Committee:

"The local records committee shall review lists of records submitted to it for destruction authorization and may veto the destruction of any or all items contained therein. The local records committee shall also review recurring disposition schedules recommended to it by agencies of local government and may veto, approve, or amend such schedules. Approval of a schedule or amended schedule shall be by unanimous vote of the local records committee members."