The Productivity Board was suspended by the Legislature in 2011 and hasn’t been reinstated. The information presented here is for reference only. State employees are encouraged to contact their legislators to request reinstatement.

Employee Suggestion Program

The Employee Suggestion Program is a program that provides cash incentives and recognition for individual ideas. State employees submit suggestions to save the state money, generate revenue, and/or improve services or processes within state government. Suggestions are evaluated by agencies with the authority to potentially implement the idea.

Employee Suggestion Applications must include: a summary of the problem; a summary of the solution; an estimated savings and research information, which would include the name and phone number of anyone you have discussed your idea with.

Applications must be submitted before the idea is implemented.

Employees may receive a cash award equal to 10% of the first year net savings (maximum $10,000). Recognition Awards are given for suggestions with intangible benefits, when savings cannot be determined, or if the suggestion falls within the job duties of the individual who created the idea.