Recommended Reads November 2012 - Horses

The Recommended Reads list for last March was about horse racing. There’s far more to horses than just running around a track.  This month’s Recommended Reads tell more about horses.

November  2012—Horses

Horses played a role in the rise of human cultures.

The Horse, the Wheel, and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World by David W. Anthony.

Archaeologist argues that the puzzle of who, where, and when surrounding Proto-Indo-European language origins has been solved. Asserts that linguistic and archaeological clues identify a location--the Eurasian steppes--and that evidence of domesticated horses and wheeled wagons explains early expansion of traditions, commerce, and language. 2007. Cassette Book RC 67273. Digital Book DB 67273. Also available as a downloadable book from BARD:

It’s claimed that Ayla, everybody’s favorite cavewoman, was a pioneer in domesticating the horse.

The Valley of Horses [#2, Earth's Children] by Jean  M. Auel.

Ice Age heroine Ayla leaves her adoptive family and friends in The Clan of the Cave Bear (RC 52680) and sets out on her own. She reaches the Valley of Horses, where she rescues a young man from certain death and struggles against her growing attraction to him. Explicit descriptions of sex. 1982. Braille Book BR 16780. Cassette Book RC 54971 (Spanish language). Cassette Book  RC 57663 (English language). Digital Book DB 57993. Also available as a digital book from BARD:

Regardless of who first domesticated the horse, it’s been a very influential animal.

Horse: How the Horse Has Shaped Civilizations by J. Edward Chamberlin.

Professor explores the impact of horses on human history and consciousness since ancient times. Traces their role in the cultures of Egypt, the Middle East, China, Europe, and the Americas and their effect on farming, transportation, gaming, and warfare. Examines the human fascination with horses and the equine spirit. 2006. Cassette Book RC 63599. Digital Book DB 63599. Also available as a downloadable book from BARD:

The title of the following book has given rise to much word play.

The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans.

Thirteen-year-old Grace Maclean loses her leg when she and her horse, Pilgrim, are struck by a truck. Pilgrim is also injured-- mentally and physically. Grace's mother, magazine editor Annie Graves, learns of a horse whisperer--Tom Booker--who might be able to restore Pilgrim. In hopes that he will also help Grace, Annie takes both of them to his ranch in Montana. Strong language, violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex. Braille Book BR 11816. Cassette Book RC 41402. Digital Book 41402. Large Print Book LP12234. Also available as a downloadable book from BARD:

How many of these horse stories do you know?

The Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told edited by Steven Price.

Diverse collection of short stories, essays, and articles explores the bond between horse and rider. Topics include hunting, racing, ranch work, the real "horse whisperer," and writings by Pulitzer Prize-winner Red Smith. Each of the thirty selections is prefaced by an introduction from the editor. 2001. Cassette Book RC 58734. Digital Book DB 58734. Available as a downloadable book from BARD:

A horse can be a lifesaver.

Chosen by a Horse: A Memoir by Susan Richards.

The author, a divorced social worker and recovering alcoholic, recounts her adoption of a sick, emaciated mare named Lay Me Down from among forty rescued horses at a local SPCA. Describes how, through Lay Me Down's love, she was able to heal her own wounds. Bestseller. 2006. Cassette Book RC 65349. Digital Book DB 65349. Also available as a downloadable book from BARD:

Horses aren’t often thought of as household pets.

Who Ever Heard Of A Horse In The House? By Jacqueline Tresl.

The author adopted a five-month-old filly with pneumonia and malnutrition and brought her into the house to nurse her through the cold Ohio winter. Now she is a full-grown American Quarter Horse mare, nearly fourteen years old, fully housetrained, and likes spaghetti. Cassette Book CBA 7493. Digital Book DB DBW 7493. Also available as a downloadable book from WTBBL: