Women in the Washington State Legislature

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This database contains information on women who have served in the Washington State Legislature. Information includes the number of the district they represented, county (ies) represented, whether they served in the House or Senate (or both), date of first term served, number of terms served, years served, and age when first elected.

Please note the counties information includes counties that were/are partially represented within the district. When available, some biographical information is also included.

Chronological List sorted in order by date of first term served.

The database content was compiled by the staff of the Washington/Northwest Room of the Washington State Library. Primary sources used:

Women in the Washington State Legislature 1913-1983 by Barbara Gooding Senior thesis submitted to the Evergreen State College Olympia, Washington August 1983.

Members of the State Legislature by Districts from 1889-1997 Inclusive (With Name Index) Revised and published by Mike O'Connell, Secretary of the Senate and Timothy A. Martin, Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives. Olympia, Washington. April 1997.

Political Pioneers: the women lawmakers Elected Washington Women 1983.

Legislative pictorial guides, telephone directories & committee assignment lists, along with clipping files in the Washington/Northwest Room were also used.

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