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Washington Screams

We often think of Washington as an idyllic place of beautiful scenery, calming beaches and mountains, gentle rains, latte stands and high tech industry, seldom considering the weird and chilling stories and legends that flourish in this state. Murder and mayhem, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and malevolent people as well as the very strange abound in both fiction and nonfiction written about Washington. Some of the more notorious reads, such as Starvation Heights, and popular reads, such as Twilight, have already been selected for Washington Reads.  However, the notoriety of our well-publicized serial killers, other true macabre deeds, the popularity of the contemporary urban fantasy genre, international acclaim for the Twilight Saga of vampires in Forks, and that which is frankly weird combine to make a most unusual list of recommendations in Washington Screams. As the season of goblins, ghosts and other scary creatures approaches, Washington Reads offers up this most unusual theme.

Ewing, Susan.  Illustrated by Evon Zerbetz.  Ten Rowdy Ravens

The humorous and clever text with a rhyming countdown combines with linocut illustrations for a romp with the most mischievous pranksters, ravens.  It includes the Daily Kaw, an appealing newspaper of true reports of raven antics. Ages 3 and up.

Young Adult
Meyer, Stephanie. Eclipse

The third book in the Twilight Saga, the riveting vampire romance and adventure, continues the romantic struggles of Bella and Edward, who happens to be a vampire. This installment will have teens and adults thirsting for more.

Cassella, Carol. Oxygen

This gripping debut novel, written by an anesthesiologist, is a medical drama of an operating room disaster.  Dr. Marie Heaton faces the fallout of a malpractice suit, with the ensuing personal and professional disaster. This medical mystery will have you engaged to the end.


Davis, Jeff and Al Eufrasaio. Weird Washington

This armchair exploration of local legends, places and characters will leave you amazed at the extreme, exotic and just plain weird folks and destinations in this state!  Natives and newcomers will be surprised and fascinated. Includes photos and brief but complete descriptions.

MacDonald, Margaret Read. Ghost Stories from the Pacific Northwest

This is a delightful romp through the folklore of ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, with unique categories; those of us in the Northwest find many of our ghosts to be “generally a pretty jolly bunch” and often accept our ghosts as members of the family.

Mead, Richelle.  Succubus Blues

The first novel in a series is a supernatural romance, urban fantasy and mystery featuring the engaging central character of Georgia Kincaid, who is a charming and witty paranormal shape shifter making the best of her situation.

Murphy, C.E. Urban Shaman

This moving debut novel, with magic, mystery and danger, is an exciting addition to urban contemporary fantasy.

Olsen, Gregg. A Cold Dark Place

A dark stunning thriller in eastern Washington has the perfect mix of two complex and interwoven plots and characters, and enough suspense to keep you awake at night. Olsen carries his skill as a true crime writer to crafting of gripping fiction.

Rule, Ann. The Stranger Beside Me

The twentieth anniversary edition, with new photographs and an author's update, brings chronicles the story of one of the most fascinating serial killers in both Washington and American history – Ted Bundy. This is a classic of true crime.

Smith, Carlton and Tomas Guillen. The Search for the Green River Killer

The Green River killer again put Washington on the map, with the serial killing of more than 49 women in the Seattle area, between 1982 and 1984.  The killer eluded investigators for two decades, and the book chronicles the search and the capture of Gary Ridgway.