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Washington Reads (Summer 2004) - "Washington through the Photographer's Lens"

Washington's landscape and wildlife are stunningly beautiful; ours is a land of contrasts and diversity which lends itself to remarkable photographic images. As we emerge into the beauty of summer in this state, it's time to glimpse unique photography books which record the spirit and beauty of our land. The breathtaking images and the text will renew your sense of wonder and joy at the raw nature revealed through the eye of the camera. The photographers bring us into their world, and show us how to be good stewards of the land and the wildlife so our grandchildren's children can appreciate it as we have.

Washington, Wild and Beautiful. Photography by Charles Gurche. The photos in this book are stunning, with close to full page photos in full and rich color. Gurche traveled throughout the Evergreen State capturing the four seasons and the unique qualities in the dramatically diverse areas of the state. Some of these photos literally take your breath away, and they will enrich the images and memories of Washington for all who experience this book. (Adult)
Washington, the Spirit of the Land. Text by Lynda V. Mapes, photography by Terry Donnelly and Mary Liz Austin. This book portrays the "landscape, the legends and the lore" of our unique state. The text and photographs weave a tapestry that portrays the spirit of Washington, created through the basic elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit. Mapes also weaves facts from human and natural history into a memorable and lyrical narrative that accompanies the images of the state's natural wonders. (Adult)
Washington Wildlife Portfolio. Photography by Tom and Pat Leeson. The amazing range of geography in the state has given rise to diversity in its wildlife. The couple's love of the outdoors and wildlife inspired them to make a career of wildlife photography, as well as to encourage others to be good stewards of the extraordinary wildlife resources of our state. Photos of wildlife in their natural habitats, many of which are full page, capture remarkable action and close proximity, bringing the images to life. (Young Adult)
High Rocks and Ice: the Classic Mountain Photographs of Bob and Ira Spring. By Ira Spring. Free promotional Eastman Kodak Brownie cameras began the legendary photographic careers of twin brothers Ira and Bob Spring. They pioneered photographing Northwest peaks and their climbers. The brothers' love and appreciation of the unique beauty of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains is captured in unforgettable, stunning black and white images. The photos, which show the play of sunlight on rock and snow, inspire awe at the majesty and challenges of the peaks, crevasses, and snow formations. This book presents the stories behind the Springs' most famous images. It also serves as a history of Northwest mountaineering during its "Classic Age" from the 1930's to the 1970s. (Young Adult)
O is for Orca: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet Book. Photography by Art Wolfe. Text by Andrea Helman. Children of the Northwest can learn the alphabet by associating letters with familiar animals, plants, and places of our region through striking photos and text. Art Wolfe's full-page photos feature captivating images. They not only teach the alphabet but also provide a sense of appreciation and wonder at the Northwest's natural world. Each photo, in full color and capturing the action in nature, is accompanied by a brief informative text. From "A is for auklet" to "M is for Mount Rainer" to "V is for volcano", young readers and their parents will be enthralled by this uniquely Northwest alphabet book. (Children)

These books are available for check-out from the Washington State Library and other libraries in Washington. If your local library does not own a book, it can request an interlibrary loan. Each of the above titles is in print and available for purchase at local bookstores.