Homelessness and Assistance

RCW Title 43  Chapter 43.185C Homeless Housing and Assitance

Homelessness & housing toolkit for cities
Tools and resources to address homelessness and affordable housing from real cases in cities across Washington.

Washington Low Income Housing Alliance (WILHA)
Founded in 1988, the Housing Alliance is a trusted leader and expert on housing and homelessness. Along with a strong combination of housing and homelessness organizations, funders, services providers and individual advocates, they work closely with elected officials to turn good ideas into sound policy.  Check out their section on Local Information to find resources in your area, information for veterans, and more.

HUD Homeless Information: Washington State
This U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) site offers Washington statewide and local resources to help you deal with homelessness. Find shelters, get a list of help hotlines, and check out other resources for food and legal assistance. Check out their federal page on homelessness for additional resources.

DSHS Community Services: Locate an Office
DSHS offers a number of services through their Community Service Offices. Use their regional map to find a Community Service Office near you.

Office of Homeless Youth
Created in 2015, the Office of Homeless Youth Prevention and Protection Programs (OHY) leads the statewide efforts to reduce and prevent homelessness for youth and young adults.

Washington State Department of Commerce Homelessness Assistance
The Department of Commerce administers several state and federal fund sources that support homeless programs statewide.

Homeless Shelter Directory

Food Resources

DSHS - Community Services Division - Washington Basic Food Program
The Basic Food Program helps low-income individuals and families obtain a more nutritious diet by supplementing their income with Basic Food benefits.

National Gardening Association: Food Gardening Guide
"Whether you're growing basil, blueberries, or bok choy, the Food Gardening Guide will give you all the information you need to succeed." Find advice about planting, fertilizing, and pests, and read about the featured food crop of the month.

This is your source to finding healthy and affordable food in Washington State.

WSU: Whatcom County Extension - Composting 
Learn why and how to compost, different types of compost and techniques for composting, how to build your own rain barrels, and view other compost resources and materials.