Library Donations

Help Preserve Washington's Oldest Cultural Institution

Since 2002 the Washington State Library has experienced a drop of over 46 percent of its state funds and a decrease of over 57 percent in staff. It has been our goal to provide the same great services and programs despite these reductions. But the truth is we are struggling to meet the demands of our patrons.

Many of our requests for assistance are from out-of-state individuals whom we are not funded to serve. As a Washington State agency we serve our state residents first.

Donations help us to serve all customers. Your generous donation is gladly welcomed! May we suggest a donation of $15.00? We will, of course, appreciate any amount you donate. 

We will happily accept donations made online via credit card or through the mail.

Donations can be made in honor or memory of another person. Include the name of the person with your donation and if you'd like someone else to be notified about the gift, please include their address as well.

Ask a Librarian

Mail donations to:

Washington State Library
Office of the Secretary of State
PO Box 40224
Olympia, WA 98599-0224

Please make checks payable to: Washington State Library

Want to donate a book to the library?  Click here for more information.

Our federal tax ID number is 91-6001106.  Your gift is tax deductible in accordance with IRS Publication 526.

Questions?  Please call (360) 704-5221.