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These trials expired April 30, 2010.

All access and pricing information has been removed.For more information use the sidebar to find current statewide database trials or to contact the trials manager.

View complete product desciptions, pricing, and vendor answers below:

1. Describe the database product(s). If you want us to link to more than one product, provide a unique description for each product. If there are special hardware or software requirements, please make sure you include them in the description.

American History, Release 2.0 –
The American History, 2.0 database is designed to move students and young adult library patrons beyond memorizing names and dates toward a deeper understanding of America's fascinating, complex story—its precontact origins, westward expansion, social movements, internal conflicts, and contemporary defining moments.
Created in collaboration with scholars, educators, and librarians, American History, 2.0 helps users become successful students of history with citation information at their fingertips and a highly visual and engaging interface. Whether clicking through primary sources from the Revolutionary Era or preparing for an exam on World War II, students and general researchers will find everything they need in this easy-to-use database.
For a more detailed description and list of awards please see http://tinyurl.com/ybxpabn

World History: Ancient & Medieval Eras, Release 2.0 –
World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras, Release 2.0 covers human history in all corners of the globe—from prehistoric times to the beginnings of the Renaissance.
Ranging from the dawn of prehistory through the great ancient empires to the beginning of the Renaissance, World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras, Release 2.0 helps students explore history in every corner of the globe, including Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Overviews and activities are enhanced with thousands of authoritative primary and secondary sources, in-depth explorations, and profiles of city-states, countries, and regions of the ancient world.
 For a more detailed description and list of awards please see http://tinyurl.com/yd3dyc6

World History: Modern Era, Release 2.0 –
World History: The Modern Era, Release 2.0 covers a broad range of topics in depth—the evolution of modern Europe since the Renaissance; concurrent developments in Asia, Africa, and the Islamic world; the global impact of the Industrial Revolution; and the last 100 years of conflicts and international cooperation. It provides access to authoritative information for research purposes and helps students improve their information literacy skills.
Organized chronologically and thematically, World History, Release 2.0 is correlated to state and national standards, assessments, and textbooks, and supports a variety of instructional approaches. Whether used as a research tool, a study aid for test preparation, or the sole content basis for a course, it expands and completes any library collection.
Includes thousands of primary and secondary sources,; book excerpts and recorded interviews with key figures; illustrations of people, places, and events; specialized maps; and more
 For a more detailed description and list of awards please see http://tinyurl.com/ybrymf4

World Geography, Release 2.0 –
World Geography, Release 2.0 develops students' global literacy, focusing on the geographic, political, social, economic, and cultural forces that influence our world.
The highly visual format of World Geography, Release 2.0 engages the user's interest, and the breadth and depth of content promotes student success in geography studies. Content is organized by country and includes nearly 40,000 primary and secondary sources. Students can perform advanced searches by region and category as well as country and make demographic comparisons between countries. The Analyze section supports student inquiry by examining such questions as, "To what extent have religious differences shaped the ongoing conflict in Kashmir?" and "How has foreign intervention affected the situation in the Middle East?”
For a more detailed description and list of awards please see http://tinyurl.com/ye7k2fm

American Government, Release 2.0 –
American Government, Release 2.0 connects the issues of the day with the foundations of government and compares the political and economic systems of the United States with other countries. Reliable content and fast searching help develop independent researchers.
Users can learn through a wealth of short biographies, videos, quotes, and primary source documents. American Government, 2.0 provides authoritative information, while also moving students toward active, informed, thoughtful citizenship. For a more detailed description and list of awards please see http://tinyurl.com/mrjnnt

United States at War, Release 2.0 –
Whether investigating how the peace of World War I led to World War II or comparing U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia with the Iraq War, United States at War: Understanding Conflict and Society, Release 2.0 helps student researchers develop a deeper critical understanding of America’s history. The balanced, expert analysis models good historical thinking and helps researchers draw connections between past and present events.
Packed with primary and secondary sources and feature stories on current conflicts, United States at War, Release 2.0 uses a highly visual online format and an interactive multimedia interface to engage the user’s interest while helping them successfully complete assignments and prepare for exams. For a more detailed description and list of awards please see http://tinyurl.com/ye5t8vp

United States Geography, Release 2.0 –
This interactive database offers teachers, librarians, and students an unbeatable combination of authoritative research sources, standards-aligned lessons and activities, and engaging current events features on all 50 U.S. states.
Which state first gave women the right to vote? Which has only one legislative house? How are states dealing with environmental issues, immigration, education, health care, and crime? This dynamic resource helps researchers grapple with these questions and many more.
Users will find biographies of important political and cultural figures, contemporary and historic Native Americans, and environmental figures. Individual overviews of each state provide a practical introduction and a wealth of additional information. Clioview, an online statistical tool, compares data between countries. The user-friendly interface searches topics such as population density, gross state product, natural resources, and more. For a more detailed description and list of awards please see http://tinyurl.com/ydjnfgq

Issues: Understanding Controversy & Society, Release 2.0 –
Produced in conjunction with leading scholars and educators, Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society, Release 2.0 offers a graphical, straightforward interface, designed to lead researchers through the complexities of both national and worldwide issue and modeling ways to think about them beyond simple pro or con. This rich online resource helps users investigate controversial topics by framing thoughtful questions, and provides objective background and reference, allowing them to formulate insightful answers. For a more detailed description and list of awards please see http://tinyurl.com/lj4wob

2. Is remote access included in the subscription price? If there are additional charges or requirements in order to offer remote access, please describe them. What methods of remote access are supported? If applicable, please discuss any methods or assistance you offer regarding remote access patron verification and authentication.

Remote access is included at no additional cost. We support Barcode Authentication, EZ Proxy, Referrer URL, and Username and Password remote access. If help is needed in setting this up the library can contact Tech Support at the information provided in question 4.

3. What customer training is provided, and at what cost? Please include "freebies" such as Web-based tutorials, end-user documentation tents, cheat-sheets, etc.

We provide a "help" section within our databases that provides the following:
•    Answers to FAQs
•    Tech notes
•    Ask the Cybrarian
•    Shortcuts & Logos
In addition to the above we provide a complete user guide detailing our content types, search functionality, and how to use the Staff site.
Please see http://www.issues.abc-clio.com/Help/Default.aspx?page=faqs for full details.
We also provide usage drivers via email, product updates, and tips for integrating our databases in to your library.
These are provided at no cost.

4. What customer and technical support is provided, including hours of operation? In your reply, please include contact names (if applicable) or name of department, the phone numbers and e-mail addresses for your support services. If you have toll-free access to these support centers, please make sure they are available here.

We provide all necessary technical support for set-up and maintenance of our databases. Tech support is available Monday -Friday from 8am – 5pm Pacific Time.
Contact information is as follows:
800-368-6868 x4

5. Please describe the statistics you provide, and discuss whether your statistical reporting complies in part or in whole with the guidelines developed by the International Coalition of Library Consortia found at http://www.library.yale.edu/consortia/webstats06.htm or the COUNTER Code of Practice found at http://www.projectcounter.org/code_practice.html.

We provide “self-serve” usage stats for our databases. The usage stats provided comply with the COUNTER Code of Practice.

7. Please provide the name and contact information (toll-free telephone number, e-mail address, hours, etc.) for libraries to make further inquires. (Sales representatives for our area are preferred.)

Lisa Stacy                     
Western Region Inside Sales Representative         

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