DB Trials 2009: ResumeMaker

1. Describe the database product(s). If you want us to link to more than one product, provide a unique description for each product. If there are special hardware or software requirements, please make sure you include them in the description.

ResumeMaker Web offers an immediate, automated web solution for active job seekers and career-minded individuals at every level. Library patrons can log on to ResumeMaker from the library or a remote location by using their library card information.

ResumeMaker Network and Desktop versions offer the same robust features, but may only be accessed from the library.

ResumeMaker helps job seekers write professional resumes and search millions of job openings from one location. Quick-and-easy step-by-step wizards guide patrons through building resumes and cover letters, without assistance from Library Staff. ResumeMaker provides everything patrons need to create, store, and distribute top-quality resumes and cover letters, and keep track of contacts, companies, data, and documents that contribute to finding a job.

ResumeMaker’s career resources include virtual interview practice, interview tips, expert job search advice, and an internet job finder—linking job seekers to over 60 job boards across the country from one screen. Job finder gadget sits on the computer screen and instantly notifies a patron when a job is posted that meets their specific criteria.

ResumeMaker has been rated the #1 resume writing and career development solution for the last 10 years.  ResumeMaker is published by Individual Software, a 26 year-old company, with a rich history of designing and publishing software solutions for education and business.

ResumeMaker is a popular solution for libraries because it is easy for patrons to use, requires little or no help from library staff, and has thousands of professional samples, cover letters, and phrases written by certified resume writers. It is the only software solution designed for the broad base of patrons served by libraries, from entry level to the most seasoned professionals, in almost every conceivable market sector and industry.

Desktop/Network System Requirements:  • Pentium™ Class PC or Higher • Microsoft Windows™ XP, Me, 2000, or 98 • Internet Explorer 6 or higher • 105MB Hard Disk Space • 64MB RAM • 800 x 600, 16-Bit Color Resolution (Normal Font Size) • Sound Card and Speakers • Mouse and Keyboard • CD-ROM Drive • Online Features Require Internet Access (56K Modem or Higher) • DirectX 9.0c

2. Is remote access included in the subscription price? If there are additional charges or requirements in order to offer remote access, please describe them. What methods of remote access are supported? If applicable, please discuss any methods or assistance you offer regarding remote access patron verification and authentication.

Individual Software hosts and supports remote access via the Web from its own servers. This is included in the price, and does not require any computer storage space by the library.

There is a one-time set up fee and development cost for customizing ResumeMaker for each library’s website. This cost, WHICH WE ARE CURRENTLY WAIVING FOR THE STATE OF WASHINGTON LIBRARIES, is usually between $2,500 and up to $10,000.

We work in conjunction with library authentication systems. Our check referrer security module prevents unauthorized use and only allows your verified patrons to access.  If illegal use is attempted the end user is redirected back to your library website to follow the correct entry path.

3. What customer training is provided, and at what cost? Please include "freebies" such as Web-based tutorials, end-user documentation tents, cheat-sheets, etc.

ResumeMaker is easy-to-use and requires little if any assistance from Library Staff. ResumeMaker customers site this benefit as significant. Library Staff are available for other tasks and patrons are able to access and use the software on their own – even patrons with little or no computer skills.

In conjunction with your career services department, we host a 30-minute complimentary Webinar and Q & A session, to familiarize Library Staff with ResumeMaker feature and benefits so they can direct patrons to the service.

Informational and promotional flyers and posters are provided to the library to notify patrons about this free career service.

4. What customer and technical support is provided, including hours of operation? In your reply, please include contact names (if applicable) or name of department, the phone numbers and e-mail addresses for your support services. If you have toll-free access to these support centers, please make sure they are available here.

We offer a dedicated service and technical support team for ResumeMaker.  Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM-5:30 PM (PST)

Reach us on the web at: www.individualsoftware.com/CorpSupport or email us:  CorpSupport@individualsoftware.com

David Swinton, Manager B2B Support:  925-734-6767 x126

Dwayne Tatum, Technical Services Manager:  925-734-6767 x155

5. Please describe the statistics you provide, and discuss whether your statistical reporting complies in part or in whole with the guidelines developed by the International Coalition of Library Consortia found at http://www.library.yale.edu/consortia/webstats06.htm or the COUNTER Code of Practice found at http://www.projectcounter.org/code_practice.html.

We offer free of charge an admin web page for real time reporting of user statistics such as:  Current accounts, Deleted Accounts, New Accounts, Users Sign in, etc.

6. Describe your pricing structure or formula for the product. (I.e. we want to know what your prices are and how they are calculated: Based on FTEs? On buildings? On a combination, or on something else?)


7. Please provide the name and contact information (toll-free telephone number, e-mail address, hours, etc.) for libraries to make further inquires. (Sales representatives for our area are preferred.)

Peggy Budnick
Western Regional Account Manager
Individual Software Inc.
4255 Hopyard Road, Suite 2
Pleasanton, CA 94588
Phone:  1-800-822-3522 x 158
Phone:     925-734-6767 x158

Hours:  9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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