DB Trials 2009: Mango Languages

1. Describe the database product(s). If you want us to link to more than one product, provide a unique description for each product. If there are special hardware or software requirements, please make sure you include them in the description.

Mango Languages is THE language learning system for libraries.

Through our remotely-accessible online system, we currently offer courses in 12 different languages, with plans to add more in the near future. Each lesson uses real-life situations and dialog to teach actual conversation skills, making Mango easy, fun and incredibly effective. Your patrons will be able to have a basic conversation after just one lesson. It’s the easiest way to learn a foreign language.

Our system is also incredibly easy for your staff to implement – no downloads, installation or training required. Just point patrons to Mango and we'll do the rest.

With public need for easily accessible language learning tools on the rise, Mango can quickly become one of the most popular and budget-conscious resources in your library. Because we focus specifically on supporting libraries, we are committed to providing the best learning experience available, and to growing that experience based on the ongoing needs of your staff and patrons.


2. Is remote access included in the subscription price? If there are additional charges or requirements in order to offer remote access, please describe them. What methods of remote access are supported? If applicable, please discuss any methods or assistance you offer regarding remote access patron verification and authentication.

Remote access IS INCLUDED in the subscription price. We offer Proxy server, Referring URL's, or Mango's Remote Patron Access, as well as IP authentication for in library access. Because it's completely web-based, patrons can learn just about anywhere — the library, a coffee shop, even at home in bed. All they need is an internet connection and a membership at your library.


3. What customer training is provided, and at what cost? Please include "freebies" such as Web-based tutorials, end-user documentation tents, cheat-sheets, etc.

Mango has an easy-to-follow interface, specifically designed to walk your patrons through the program and lessons in a simple, logical way. No training is required! To help you make users aware of mango, we provide free promotional materials such as bookmarks, posters, etc… which come free with the initial purchase.


4. What customer and technical support is provided, including hours of operation? In your  reply, please include contact names (if applicable) or name of department, the phone numbers and e-mail addresses for your support services. If you have toll-free access to these support centers, please make sure they are available here.

Mango has a specialized technical support staff dedicated answering questions from library patrons or staff.  We are available 9-5 EST for technical support, and any after-hours customer service calls or emails will be answered within one business day.

Technical support number: 1-877-Mango-11, Option: Technical Support.


5. Please describe the statistics you provide, and discuss whether your statistical reporting complies in part or in whole with the guidelines developed by the International Coalition of Library Consortia found at http://www.library.yale.edu/consortia/webstats06.htm or the COUNTER Code of Practice found at http://www.projectcounter.org/code_practice.html.

As part of your subscription, you’ll have access to our web-based reporting tool that provides a wide variety of relevant statistics. Because we are an interactive learning tool some database requirements cannot apply to us.


6. Describe your pricing structure or formula for the product. (I.e. we want to know what your prices are and how they are calculated: Based on FTEs? On buildings? On a combination, or on something else?)



7. Please provide the name and contact information (toll-free telephone number, e-mail address, hours, etc.) for libraries to make further inquires. (Sales representatives for our area are preferred.)

Robert Thayer
Phone: 1-877-626-4611 ext. 819 OR (248)-596-0050 ext. 819
Email: Robert.thayer@mangolangauges.com
Hours: 8:00am - 6:00pm EST

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