DB Trials 2009: Brainfuse Job Now

1. Describe the database product(s). If you want us to link to more than one product, provide a unique description for each product. If there are special hardware or software requirements, please make sure you include them in the description.

JobNow: JobNow offers invaluable assistance to job seekers in several key areas:

Live Interview Coaching:

  • Online Mock Interviews: Patrons use our online classroom to participate in practice job interviews conducted by trained JobNow coaches.
  • Interview Tips: Regularly updated online resources with interview tips and common interview questions
  • Additional Resources: Carefully selected sites with useful information to help prepare for an interview.

Resume Builder provides intensive expert assistance and resources to help patrons craft winning resumes:

  • Resume Lab: Patrons submit their resume and/or cover letter to one of our JobNow experts and will receive expert analysis and editing within 24 hours. Resumes are analyzed according to a process developed by workforce centers throughout the country.
  • Resume Templates:  To help patrons get started, we have included downloadable templates for four of the most common resume types. Additional resume templates are forthcoming.
  • Resume Resources:  Carefully-selected sites relating to resume writing tips and techniques.

Career Resources: Informative, easy-to-use, and free Internet resources for job seekers; including personality and career assessments and local resources (customized for each library system).

2. Is remote access included in the subscription price? If there are additional charges or requirements in order to offer remote access, please describe them. What methods of remote access are supported? If applicable, please discuss any methods or assistance you offer regarding remote access patron verification and authentication.

Yes, remote access is included in the subscription price. Patrons and Job Coaches communicate via the our online classroom (the Brainfuse Online Classroom), an easy-to-use platform that is Mac/PC compatible and accessible from dial-up modems.

Prior to launch, our technical support staff will integrate JobNow into the remote authentication systems for each member library. Authentication is usually accomplished by checking the IP address or a library card number. Unless requested (for purposes of geo tagging, etc.) no patron data is retained in our database after authentication.

3. What customer training is provided, and at what cost? Please include "freebies" such as Web-based tutorials, end-user documentation tents, cheat-sheets, etc.

Please note that customer training is included in the subscription price.  While we have designed JobNow to be very intuitive, users can access a training tutorial on the JobNow website. In addition, we offer full onsite training to library staff prior to launch.


4. What customer and technical support is provided, including hours of operation? In your reply, please include contact names (if applicable) or name of department, the phone numbers and e-mail addresses for your support services. If you have toll-free access to these support centers, please make sure they are available here.

Our technical and customer support is available via a toll free phone number and email, 24-hours per day (see below for our contact information).  We also provide onsite visits, when necessary.

Specifically, we provide full technical set-up assistance to participating libraries including, but not limited to:

  • Creating a custom URL for each library and then sharing it with the library’s IT team.
  • Setting up branch/remote usage tracking in a way that is consistent with the preferences of each library.
  • Integrating our service into the library’s existing authentication regime, or developing a separate authentication system and entry point for JobNow.
  • Furnishing customized online links and banners and ensuring that the placement of such links and banners successfully integrate JobNow into the library’s main web page.
  • Providing full troubleshooting assistance
  • Ongoing Assistance:  Throughout the contracting period, our tech team provides ongoing support and assistance to libraries to ensure JobNow’s uninterrupted availability to patrons.

Toll Free Number: 866.272.4638
E-Mail Address: Requests@brainfuse.com

5. Please describe the statistics you provide, and discuss whether your statistical reporting complies in part or in whole with the guidelines developed by the International Coalition of Library Consortia found at http://www.library.yale.edu/consortia/webstats06.htm or the COUNTER Code of Practice found at http://www.projectcounter.org/code_practice.html.

Statistics that are provided to libraries come in the form of monthly reports.  They comply in part with the guidelines developed by the International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC).  These monthly reports, which are e-mailed to the program manger(s) and other designated individuals by the 5th of each month, include:

  • Total number of sessions
  • Average session length
  • Average number of sessions per hour of the day and day of the week (in order to determine usage trends)
  • Total number of sessions  in both English and Spanish
  • Post-session satisfaction surveys indicating patron satisfaction and patron comments
  • Breakdown of usage by service used (resume assistance, interview coaching, etc.)
  • Total number of sessions by library, zip code, and/or remote usage (according to library preference)

6. Describe your pricing structure or formula for the product. (I.e. we want to know what your prices are and how they are calculated: Based on FTEs? On buildings? On a combination, or on something else?)

7. Please provide the name and contact information (toll-free telephone number, e-mail address, hours, etc.) for libraries to make further inquires. (Sales representatives for our area are preferred.)

Gianni Lecciso, JobNow Director  
Elize Aunahn, Director of Programs
Toll Free Number: 866.272.4638
E-Mail Address: Requests@brainfuse.com

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