AWE Multi-State Group Purchase Offer

The Washington State Library is again participating with other states in the Fall 2014 AWE Multi-State Offer. This offer is valid from September 1 through December 15, 2014. The 2014 MultiState Group Special for Washington PDF has pricing and offer details. 

The Early Literacy Station™ (ELS) is a dynamic all-in-one digital learning solution for early learners, ages 2-8. It is available in English and Bilingual Spanish and features over 70 content applications. The AfterSchool Edge™ features content for all elementary age students (approximately 6-12 years old). The educational programs, which are correlated to Common Core and state standards, span all seven curricular areas. Each product features engaging graphics, intuitive menus, usage tracking, and administrative functions. No Internet connection is required to use either of these products.

Additional information about AWE:

AWE has designed a suite of Comprehensive Digital Learning Solutions that begin at age 2 up to age 14. These carefully selected, award winning programs are correlated to Common Core Standards and engage students on their own particular level of need and/or interest which increases student achievement. The Core Areas of focus are: Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science, Computer Literacy and Art and Music Programs.

Each of these products is designed specifically for:

  • Child Driven Heuristic Learning (learning by discovery)
  • Intrinsically Motivated (learn how to learn environment)
  • “Children’s Interface” Encourages Exploration

A listing of possible public library funding resources for purchasing AWE digital learning stations is available at Funding Sources for your Public Library.

Hear what other public libraries are saying about AWE digital learning solutions at AWE Digital Learning Solutions in Public Libraries and AWE at ALA In Chicago.

Please contact your AWE Representatives if you have questions about this offer, the Early Literacy Station or AfterSchool Edge, the new tablet or if you would like to request a demo or quote for your library. Contact information is found in the page sidebar.

DISCLAIMER: The State Library regularly highlights third-party events and online resources as a way to alert the library community to training and resource opportunities. By doing so, we are not endorsing the content of the event, nor promoting any specific product, but merely providing this information as an FYI to librarians who must then decide what is right for them.

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