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So you're ready to communicate with hard-to-reach customers to increase their knowledge of your programs and services! We have tools and tips to help you work with the media, develop successful outreach efforts, advocate for your library and connect with community partners.

Advocacy Toolkit

Caring enough about your library to argue in support of its funding and policies is a valuable gift. When you step forward as an advocate for the library you are putting the library in the spotlight and should be reflecting the values, mission and vision of your organization. Here are tips to ensure that you are as effective as possible.

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Partnership Toolkit

One of the most cost effective and successful ways to reach out to a community and to bring new audiences to the library is through developing partnerships. These range from bookstores to community organizations, grocery stores and banks to PTA's and media outlets. Learn what makes effective partnerships, how to define a successful partnership, how to identify and approach partners, and how to cultivate relationships with your partners.

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Outreach Toolkit
While glossy mass media campaigns are the stuff dreams are made of for most organizations, unless you have the resources to sustain them—and if you are reading this, you don't—media campaigns alone cannot create lasting impact. What can and does create lasting impact is the building of relationships between organizations with common constituencies and groups that benefit from the services these organizations offer.

This downloadable toolkit will help you develop the skills and give you the tools to conduct direct outreach to key constituents in your community, and engage them as library advocates. Key aspects of this toolkit include:

  • How to identify key constituents
  • How to conduct outreach
  • Talking points to use while conducting outreach
  • How to make the "ask" and what to ask for

Click here to download the Outreach Toolkit PDF Document

Media Toolkit
Having your story told through the media is a powerful way to communicate with key audiences. The media (that's print, television, radio and now the Web) is a credible, third-party information resource that has quick and broad reach. Working with the media can be tricky. Earning the media's interest and keeping that interest focused on the information you wish to impart, is no easy feat. Click the links below to get help in your media efforts.

Marketing Toolkit

Your library has a lot to offer, with great community resources, services and programs. But if no one knows about them, they may as well not exist. Outreach activities can help you increase public awareness of all of your library's resources and inspire people to make more effective use of the library's programs.

These tools will help you learn to effectively let people (your constituents, your administration, city hall) know what resources you have to offer and why your library is a vital part of the community.

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