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Ordering New Posters and Bookmarks at Cost

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Ordering New Posters and Bookmarks at Cost

In collaboration with the Washington Department of Printing, the Washington State Library offers Washington libraries the ability to add their own logo and messages to the professionally-designed posters and bookmarks developed by Metropolitan Group.

How to order posters and bookmarks

  1. Complete and return the Information for Interlocal Agreement form by fax, mail, or e-mail to Kathy Forbes, Department of Printing. The Department of Printing will contact you to complete the arrangements for setting up an interlocal agreement. They will send detailed instructions to your library on how to develop and order your posters and bookmarks.
  2. Check the chart to see the estimated costs for posters and bookmarks. Please note that the estimated costs do not cover sales tax, mailing, and costs of the inclusion of a logo or other image.

View the form

Adding a graphic or logo to the poster or bookmark
In addition to adding your own words to the posters and bookmarks, you may add your library’s logo or other graphic image to the template. To add a logo, fees start at $10 per file, additional fees may apply. Follow the directions provided by the Department of Printing on how to set this up. If you have already placed an earlier order for posters, the Dept. will already have your logo on file.

Estimate of printing costs for posters and bookmarks
(does not include sales tax, mailing, or costs for logo/images)

Quantities 1 5 25 50 100 250 500 1,000 1,500 2,000
Bookmarks (3) 2.75” X 10.75” per sheet $16.60 $18.39 $27.09 $37.94 $59.66 $124.81 $233.39 $459.80 $681.73 $895.69
Bookmarks (3) 2” X 7” per sheet $16.60 $18.39 $27.09 $37.94 $59.66 $124.81 $233.39 $459.80 $681.73 $895.69
Poster 11 X 17 $4.70 $7.88 $23.78 $43.66 $83.41 $202.67 $401.44 $798.98 $969.74 $1043.88


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