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One Book Grants

Washington State Library is offering a One Book grant cycle in spring 2008. The purpose of these grants is to assist libraries in initiating or enhancing One Book projects in their community.

Applications should emphasize building partnerships with other organizations in the community and, where appropriate, working with other libraries. In order to apply, libraries are required to have at least one community partner. It is strongly encouraged that libraries involve more than the local Friends group as the community partner or partners, such as local book stores, schools, neighborhood groups, coffee shops, newspapers, mayor’s office, and arts or humanities groups. All One Book grantees that did not attend the Partnerships that Work training last year or have not implemented a One Book project before are strongly encouraged to attend the Partnerships That Work workshop. Additional information is available at

If your library is awarded a One Book grant, training will be provided on Developing Successful One Book Projects and Conducting Book Discussion Groups. For those libraries starting a One Book project for the first time, the project manager will be required to attend the morning session (approximately 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) of the workshop on Developing Successful One Book Projects. Visit for details.

For additional information about the One Book grant cycle, please visit the FAQs page at

Overall funding to support this grant cycle is $170,000. This grant cycle has a limit of $7,000 per application. It is anticipated that twenty-four or more applicants may receive awards.

One Book grant applications are due Friday, April 11, 2008.

For guidelines and application forms, go to:

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