Purchasing eReaders

This is the advice that the EBook pilot participants contributed in regards to purchasing Ereaders and then maintaining the devices.

General Tips

  • Decide between owning a variety of eReaders or multiples of a single eReader
    • Offering more than one device allows patrons to compare and contrast various eReaders.
    • Developing policies and procedures for a variety of devices involves a heavier workload.
    • One school librarian summed up her experience with a variety of devices this way; “We discovered that {of the three devices, Kindles, Nooks and iPads} iPads were far more versatile and worked more seamlessly with our network.”
  • Read articles and blogs about the eReader landscape to keep current with the changing nature of devices.
  • Select a touch screen device if circulating text books.
    • “I would not have selected the older Kindles to access textbooks—they required too much paging back and forth.”—College Librarian
  • Purchase additional power cords and cases since they require frequent replacing due to loss and damage.
  • Plan for the space and time it will take to charge the devices’ batteries.
    • “They were all over my office on every surface close to an outlet.”—School Librarian
    • “Plan to recharge the devices before each training session. Invariably someone won’t have completely turned off one of the devices and it won’t be fully charged.”—Public Librarian
  • Find funds to buy popular eBooks.
    • “Relying on the availability of public library eBooks or free books was sometimes problematic.”—School Librarian
  • Require a password on all devices to prevent unauthorized purchase of materials.
    • “It took an hour on the phone to get an e-subscription to the Onion cancelled on one of our training devices.”—Public Librarian
  • Purchase lighted covers for devices that aren’t backlit to enable reading in a dark environment.
    • “Several students mentioned wishing for a light to enable reading the Kindle in a dark environment such as a car or bus at night.”—School Librarian
  • Purchase protective covers for devices (one school librarian used the word “bomb-proof”) since the eReader screen is the most vulnerable part of the device.
  • Purchase covers that can be easily cleaned.
  • Purchase eReaders that can be used as demos for patrons at the reference desk.
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